Our last visit to a stone circle seems to be many moons ago so it was nice to get up on the hills in Cumbria and see the second largest stone circle in the United Kingdom. The whole structure is a circle with a diameter of around 140 metres. Named Long Meg and her daughters the structure dates back to around 1500 BCE. Long Meg stands about 4 meters high and is made of local sandstone, the daughters are made of rhyolite. The stone also stands outside the main circle. Long Meg and her daughters are, according to local legend, witches who were turned to stone for profaning the Sabbath. If that were true I cannot help but think the whole country might be littered with stones by now.


Eco mama group to help distribute fruit trees to the farmers in Butiki village as the rain season starts. #scoutsvolunteer

Domo Medicinal – Cápsula de bienestar y felicidad! .
#poderdelashierbas#boticAsana#ecosistemadebienestar#hazdetualimentotumedicina#hechoencasa#delcampoatucuerpo#familiaenlanaturaleza#maquinadeltiempo @ La Juanita Finca Verde

#WhySeaScouts ?. Because we can do the same everywhere. We are part of a worldwide #SeaScouts movement. #BeASeaScout
==> We share #SeaScoutingAdventures in all the corners of the globe. #GlobalSeaScouts #SeaScoutsAustralia #SeaScoutsTasmania. ==> Scout Island is the best. We had an awesome time yesterday with water fights, mud fights, canoeing, abseiling, treasure hunt, bon fire, wide game, obstacle course and heaps of other activities. Another busy morning today before we head home this afternoon.

1st Tamar Sea Scouts

Ron Davis is Walking With Jordan in The Philippines. Outdoors highlights of a Mission of Love. See all photos in Ron Davis’ Facebook page and  follow the Jordan Davis Foundation.

Photos by Ron Davis, Lakesha Burton, Jenny Mhine, Angel Sánchez and other volunteers.

“Ron Davis is a father who lost his son due to violence. He is one of TEDxFSCJ 2019 Speakers. After speaking at Florida State College at Jacksonville #TEDxFSCJ he went to a Mission of Love to the Philippines. #TEDxFSCJLearningAdventures #BeyondBigX #OutdoorsLearning. Follow him and his cause. We look forward to sharing his TEDx Talk soon. Blessings.” – Outdoors University.

Earth Day 2019. Protecting species


We Bharat Scouts and Guides district association Udupi District karnataka State,India rovers and rangers actively participated in Earth day celebration 2019 at Animal Rescue Centre, Saligrama, Udupi district Karnataka State,India.

Where we came to know about various species related issues and their importance in ecosystem .

More than 55 species rescuing & treated like family by them animals like variety of dogs, cows,ducks, monkeys, snakes,birds, fish etc are nurturing by them.

Some if their special species like sea eygle , sea tortoise , deers, monkeys like simhalika are transferd to various zooes of karnataka State India.

They running their animal rescuing center by managing trust licence since 35 years.

We rovers and rangers are also planted verity of plants in their rescuing center which leads to smail in their face.

Donate your small contribution towards protecting our species campign.

Animal Rescue Centre, Saligrama, Udupi district Karnataka State,India

Name : B Sudeendra Aithala

Account number: 01312200036710

IFSC code: SYNB0000131

Syndicate Bank: branch saligrama Udupi district Karnataka State India.

Sudheendra Aithal is an animal lover and runs a small rescue centre at his house in Saligrama, a town on NH66 in Udupi District, Karnataka. India.

He’s been running this centre since 35 years and is a known person in locality for any animal related issues. His house is located close to Saligrama Gurunarasimha temple and those visiting temple usually visit his house to see the animals being treated there.

People willingly donate to him as he doesn’t ask for money.

Do pay his centre a visit if you love animals and if you’re passing through Saligrama town on NH66 .

He also giving treatment to desabled animals by ayurveda and protecting 55 various animals.

#www.earthday.org #earthday #scoutsprojectspecies #scouts #bsgindia

#messengersofpeace ⚜ #wosm #mopindia #indsgf #fellowship #earthday2019 #Scouts4SGDs

Good Friday. I decided to visit the River Jordan and the site of Christ’s baptism. It is set in a military zone on the border between Jordan and Israel / Palestine. A whole set of very mixed emotions – brought on by the nature of borders, religions and conflicts between peoples. – John May

I do not know if you did not get bored. So many national parks in such a short time. We definitely did not! The last point on our cycling map was Zion National Park. 🧐
A small adventure awaited us here. There is a tunnel in the Park that only cars can drive – that means we could not go by bicycle. If you think that we had to turn around and tour around the park, then you are wrong. A nice ranger decided to help us … and he stopped a pickup for us to which we could fit our bikes, saddlebags and ourselves.

Zion, as promised, was beautiful. We climbed Angels Landing, from where there is an amazing view of the Park, but it cost me a lot of fear to enter there. Steep approaches, chasms and sometimes very narrow trails can really make you feel and have a stronger heartbeat. Nevertheless, it was worth it. 🧗

Follow Bike Jamboree to 24th World Scout Jamboree.

Tandem sea kayaking is a whole new dimension of the sport and a wonderful way to introduce someone to the joys of sea kayaking or share the experience with! Some pictures from the christening paddle of the tandem yesterday in Biscayne Bay with the South Florida Paddlers. Photo by Photo by Mikal Ramirez — with Huifang Chen. #SFP#SouthFloridaPaddlers #TandemSeaKayaking.

As scouts continue to help in displaced families camps. We make sure that sanitation and good hygiene are part of the service offered to communities. This is Iso Camp keeping 250 displaced families by cyclone Idai in Chikwawa lower shire. #ScoutsMalawi

Scouts Malawi helping in flood victims camp to improve hygiene and sanitation to avoid cholera and other water borne disease….