#QuédateEnCasa ha sido la consigna durante el tiempo de alarma en España por el Coronavirus (COVID-19). Diferentes iniciativas han surgido para motivar a la gente a realizar visitas virtuales a museos y sitios de interés. Nuestra propuesta es un calendario de sitios y actividades en la #ComunitatValenciana. Desde hace varios años hemos visitado ciudades y pueblos de las provincias de Castellón, Valencia, y Alicante. Durante el Curso de Especialización de Turismo Cultural y nuestro proyecto de Geolocalización de Juderías de la Comunidad Valenciana tuvimos la opoertunidad de explorar ciudades y pueblos con una perspectiva mas amplia acerca de la geografía, historia, costumbres, y tradiciones.

Durante este tiempo en casa, los invitamos a ubicar estas imágenes e investigar acerca de ellas. Descubre y aprende algo nuevo, y comparte tus imagenes, videos, enlaces acerca de lo aprendido en las redes sociales. Educa a tu familia y amigos y usa #MediterráneoEnVivo y #TurismoCultural. Esta iniciativa es parte de nuestro plan global de viajes #ViajaExploraDescubreAprendeEduca.

Tenemos una gran oportunidad para colaborar en recuperar el turismo. Empieza a planear tus viajes y vuelve a viajar de nuevo. #EstoTambiénPasará #ViajaremosDeNuevo.

#StayAtHome has been the hashtag during the alarm time in Spain for the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Different initiatives have emerged to motivate people to make virtual visits to museums and places of interest. Our proposal is a calendar of sites and activities in the #RegionOfValencia. For several years we have visited cities and towns in the provinces of Castellón, Valencia, and Alicante. During the Cultural Tourism Specialization Course and our Geolocalization of Jewish Quarters project in the Valencian Community, we had the opportunity to explore cities and towns with a broader perspective on geography, history, customs, and traditions.

We invite you to locate these images and inquire about them during this time at home. Discover and learn something new, and share your images, videos, links about what you have learned on social networks. Educate your family and friends and use # MediterraneanLive and #CulturalTourism. This initiative is part of our global travel plan #TravelExploreDiscoverLearnEducate.

We have a great opportunity to collaborate in recovering tourism. Start planning your trips and travel again. # ThisTooShallPass #WeWillTravelAgain

Transatlantic Cruise 2020 aboard Allure of the Seas. Crew member cleaning and disinfecting rails.

Coronavirus Covid-19 situation has impacted industries, countries, and students. We have seen how cleaning, disinfecting, and lockdowns have affected our lives during last weeks. We are using this break to re-route this Outdoors Learning resources. We encourage our followers to follow blogs, and social media of our global collaborators.

Next month we will continue sharing Outdoors Learning experiences by providing resources and links of groups and individual who are doing outdoors learning activities.

Stay at Home and Stay Healthy. We will be outdoors again.

Back in December. “The first sprinkling of snow this Christmas. Sleigh landings may yet be possible, but in the event they are not Amazon has been put on notice.”

Today we want to feature the United Kingdom.

There’s passion and there is purpose. I feel like I have a purpose when I am doing this.
A successful eco-therapy session! Ask Jesse about rappelling, climbing, and eco-therapy.

Beautiful photos by #SeaScoutsUSA #NationalCommodore #TWCook. Calm waters to reflect about life. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and all Holidays you celebrate these days.

” The water was unusually clear today, perhaps because it was dead calm with no wind and a glass smooth surface. There are 3 great horned owls that call to each other along the North side of the river. One has a really deep voice, which I assume means it is a really big one. Also saw several Kingfishers.” – TW Cook
“Nice day down on the river. One advantage of going closer to mid day is that you can see down into the water better. Lots of busy turtles down there today. Took it pretty easy and paddled 2.36 miles in an hour.” – TW Cook.
Sea Scouts BSA National Commodore TW Cook is an active kayaker and outdoors enthusiast.
TW Cook and stand up paddle boarding (SUP). Sea Scouts BSA can start SUP Sea Scouts Ships.

Meet National Commodore TW Cook

New National Commodore TW Cook discusses the state of Sea Scouts and his plans for the term with National Boatswain’s Mate Ryan Trefny. 

What a weekend it was! We hope that you will share our stories on Facebook and Instagram. From Friday 13. December afternoon together we have created an amazing bike festival in gdansk.
On Saturday, we were happy stages 37. Together with representatives of the Afryka Nowaka Association, SPRĘŻYŚCI-Radomskie Towarzystwo Retrocyklistów and many participants of the bike jamboree we entered the finish of the relay on the island of There was confetti, congratulations, tears of happiness and hundreds of photos.
On Saturday and Sunday in gdańsk, there was a great talk about the adventures of our cyclists, but also special guests – Monika Witkowska-Podróże małe I duże, Piotr Malczewski / Fotograf Podróżnik, Zdzich Rabenda and Robb Maciąg. Marcin Błeński from Medyk Rescue Team was also talking about the unique project of Bezpieczny Kazbek.
Contests with gifts from our partners m. In Crosso or PAJAK and…. uh. Many others.

Bamyan province have installed 40 base of garbage in different parts of bamyan city to prevent the gathering of urban dirt and reduce environmental pollution.

Note: more than 4,000 people will use these garbage people daily.
Parsa Supporting Institute in Afghanistan

Bamyan Scouts have installed 40 garbage containers in different parts of Bamyan city in order to prevent the accumulation of urban waste and reducing environmental pollution

Note: More than 4,000 people will be using this on a daily basis.
PARSA Supporting-Scouting in Afghanistan.