Sea Camp Beach – Cumberland Island.

One of only six locations in the United States where feral horses can be found, the roughly 200 wild horses on Cumberland Island, Georgia have been there since the 1700s. These equines make up much of the unique charm of this island as they wander unmolested throughout the island delighting visitors.



Belen Viloria lives in Valladolid, Spain. She is Ambassador at TEDx, Advisory Board Member & Partner at Tramontana, Licensee, Curator, Organizer at TEDxValladolid
Belen Viloria writes for El Día de Valladolid.
“Este lunes es el 70 aniversario de la Declaración Universal de los Derechos Humanos, marco de las Constituciones democráticas como la nuestra y clave también para nuestro presente y futuro, en cuyo texto, de 1948, no hay ni una palabra de género gracias al trabajo y aportaciones de 8 magníficas mujeres. Descubre sus aportaciones en el último artículo de mi columna “Titulares del futuro” en el El Día de Valladolid” – Belen Viloria.

Glimpse of weekly Rovers Unit meeting, where Rovers participated in scout games, Survival knots & lashing activities and performed the campfire song.






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Survival of mankind is always based on the social relationships and responsibilities without which we can’t imagine the existence of better life. For a healthy and good society there must be collaboration between the citizens. In the light of these principles Rovers’ Club in GC University has been working to “Serve the humanity without any discrimination” since 1908 with the name of Rovers’ Crew now named as Rovers’ Club. Club provides full opportunities to the students of the University regarding co-curricular activities, scouting and also to refresh their selves by organizing recreational trips.


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Pilot of oil tankers and cargo ships in Golf of Venezuela.

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I would like to post photos of beautiful places but as a pilot I have to take these photos. Ship-to-Ship operations between BT Teseo and mothership BT Euronike.

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Mechurrio (Venezuela) or flare stack. A gas flare, alternatively known as a flare stack, is a gas combustion device used in industrial plants such as petroleum refineries, chemical plants, natural gas processing plants as well as at oil or gas production sites having oil wells, gas wells, offshore oil and gas rigs and landfills. #Wikipedia

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BT Horizon Theoni

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If this ship represents our children, this means that they will have a beautiful and brilliant horizon with the grace of God.

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Sisterships Dignity and Clarity

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Horizon Athena, BT Eurovision, and BT Athena.

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Bulk Carrier Industrial Courage in Guaranao, Falcon.

This is how pilots arrive to their penthouse office at sea. #OutdoorsProfessions.


In The 3th world freshwater reserve in the world, the Patagonian ice field (Chile / Argentina). Beauty in pure state and safe aquifer of the future of our planet.

[ESP] En la 3era reserva mundial de agua dulce del mundo, el Campo de Hielo Patagónico (Chile/Argentina). Belleza en estado puro y seguro acuífero del futuro de nuestro planeta.


Patagonian Ice Field | Chile / Argentina


Patagonian Ice Field | Chile / Argentina


Patagonian Ice Field | Chile / Argentina


Patagonian Ice Field | Chile / Argentina


Patagonian Ice Field | Chile / Argentina


Patagonian Ice Field | Chile / Argentina


Patagonian Ice Field | Chile / Argentina


Patagonian Ice Field | Chile / Argentina


Patagonian Ice Field | Chile / Argentina

2018-11-17 AT – Standing Bear to Hot Springs (34 Miles)


Mark Thompson

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Stephanie Sipp – @sippdrawing

Professor, author, nature illustrator and sketchbook user. Visit my website or email me










Great way to start the day with a mushroom sketch! #mushroomsketch#roadsidenature #wildmushroom#linedrawing #sepiainkdrawing



Roadside discovery! My guess is these are in the Lepidella mushroom family. #mushrooms #roadsidemushrooms#roadside #fallmushrooms #lepidella



Wow! Look at the size of these beauties! #naturalist #mushrooms#photographing #roadsidenature#threemushrooms #whitemushrooms