Actions to Support Communities after Natural Disasters | #DisasterRecovery

Puerto Rico, Mexico, Florida Keys, Houston, and several other Caribbean Islands had recent natural disasters. Earthquakes in Mexico and hurricanes have created zones of disaster recovery actions. We can help in many ways.

1. Keep these countries in your prayers in positive thoughts.

2. Find you cause, donate your talents, time, and treasure. Keep the disaster area in your mind for fast recovery.

3. Support your family and friends in disaster areas. Call them, be there for them.

4. Plan for visiting those area for volunteering, tourism, or business. Recovery also need visitors to make thier contribution.

5. If you have been there, share your memories. Show to others how beautiful those countries were and why we all want ro go back.

#PuertoRicoStrong #ElMorro #SanJuan

#MexicoStrong #Cozumel

Lessons: #InternationalBusiness #Tourism #DisasterRecovery #Hospitality #CityManagement

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