Move With Us Around The World! Bike Jamboree 2017-2019 | @bike_jamboree

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About #BikeJamboree Project. #ScoutsPoland

“Bicycle relay that has never been done so far. Around the World! Two years ago, when we organized the Bike Jamboree 2015, we travelled from Poland to Japan to finally come to World Scout Jamboree in Japan. We liked it, so now we are moving on. We will start at 27 May, 2017, to reach World Scout Jamboree in West Virginia by cycling for the next 2,5 years (July / August 2019) and then return to Poland. From Gdansk to Gdansk: 35 thousand kilometres, 34 phases/stages, 21 countries. Through the most beautiful areas of the northern hemisphere. Why? To promote Poland, to experience adventure, and to show how important scouting can be in the today’s world.  However, we do not invite only scouts to participate in our expedition. Adventure is waiting for everyone!”

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“We want to show that Scouting is an extremely interesting social movement involving young, ambitious and unconventional people. People who can work together independently of the political situation in the world. They do not know prejudice against other nations or religions. They disagree with the world’s widespread inequalities and actively work towards positive changes in their environment. Scouting is the elite of today’s youth.”

This is a sample of some of their photos during first stages of #BikeJamboree. Poland to Kazakhstan.


Bike Jamboree Goes On! See World Jamboree Foundation website.

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Established in 2006 by the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association (ZHP). Its purpose is to promote the foreign activities of children and young people and to promote foreign topics in education and education programs.

The Foundation, between others, has financially and organizationally supported the Polish scouts contingents during World Scout Jamborees in the UK and Sweden and also co-organized the Bike Jamboree 2015 project

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Visit Bike Jamboree website to follow their route in an interactive map.
Follow @bike_jamboree via Instagram.

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