Community Service Project in Karnataka State, India / Sharmin Banu M S / Scouts India

#Community 🏥🏥 #development #Service #Project ⚜


We Mother Theresa 😇⚜ #Ranger unit started a weekly 🏥community service project🏥 about #Environment 🌱and #Sanitation🌳 in the surroundings of 🏥 District government hospital Ajjarkadu #Udupi, #Karnataka state, #India. 🏥 from 🙌🙌 Today dated 5th February 2019, our ⚜ Dr. G. Shankar Government Women’s First Grade College and P G Study Centre #Ajjarkadu college⚜ Rangers actively participated in this Community service Project, So that all of us today happily served our community as per our moto that is ⚜ #SERVICE 😇 😇




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