#BikeJamboree #Stage26 arrived to Billings, Montana / #ScoutsPoland #2019WSJ

🇺🇸 #stage26
Sooo 👉 this is the end 👉 mission complited 👉 we have arrived to Billings! 🎉🎈🎊 Soon stage 27a starts the road and we slowly finish 😭 Last days have passed as nice and fast as the last month 👌Both Monicas are already on Polish soil, and probably also at work, and Mariusz and Karol have more luck (and vacation) and will soon be conquering Canada 😎

It was difficult for us to summarize everything, because something that we started a month ago will be forever in our hearts! 💙💚🧡💜 We are also one of those stages, which counts little, because … happy people… do not count anything, but We tried a little bit and this is what happened 👇
💥 28 days of fame and feeling a social respect🥳🦸🚴📸🙌
💥 1 America 🌎
💥 4 States 🔢➡️🆒❗
💥 4 National Parks and two of State 😍
💥 1 872 kilometers traveled 🚵 (+100 in memory when we were driving in and out of the route)
💥 10,570 m, which probably do not include driveways to campsites, which Americans like to place veeeeer hiiiiiiiigh!
💥 10 broken inner tubes 😱
💥 13 jars of peanut butter (with a terrifying contribution of two people in this undertaking – Monika Pawelec and Karol Jędrzejewski) 😂🤭
💥 5 days of driving under refreshing showers straight from the sky, including one snowy 🌧️🚵🌨️
💥 1 hail attack (feeling like paintball) 😮
💥 4 morning surprises in the form of ice instead of water in bottles ❄️🍦
💥 5 kg of extra muscle mass – each 💪🦵👈
💥 100,000 wonderful people met along the way 🥰🙏😘
💥 and finally us – four great drivers 🤗👨👨👧👧🤗

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