Meet Our Collaborators / Guillermo Martinez Clavijo / Venezuela

I studied at the San Ignacio de Loyola school in Caracas. I lived one year in Belgium, I studied a sixth year that Venezuela does not requires. After that I studied law at the Metropolitan University. When I started my university studies my parents gave me a Mitsubishi Montero with which I met almost all the states of Venezuela. I am currently working in a shipping company practicing commercial and maritime law in Caracas and Puerto Ordaz. They also have offices in Miami and Athens,. I like to continue traveling, every time I can I leave Caracas. Venezuela is very beautiful and has many wonderful places that I still do not know. In recent times it has become difficult to travel because of the political and social situation in the country, there is insecurity, roads in poor condition and in the interior of the country gasoline is scarce and of poor quality, I currently have a Toyota Fortuner and this year I have damaged the fuel pump twice because the gasoline mixture is diesel or with water at service stations. Still, we are still traveling. This year I went to the plain accompanying a group of biologists who breed in various herds of the country and protect the Orinoco alligator and liberate them in the Capanaparo river in Apure. I usually go to the Gran Sabana, one of the most beautiful places on the planet once a year, unfortunately this beautiful 30,000km2 national park is being illegally exploited for its gold. Consequently, getting there has become more delicate. I keep betting on Venezuela and with my hopes and energies focused on what will be positive political and social changes. – Guillermo Martínez-Clavijo

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