Vicentine Coast Natural Park | Portugal | @vamospedaleando

Vicentine Coast Natural Park
Vicentine Coast Natural Park
Vicentine Coast Natural Park
Vicentine Coast Natural Park

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#BikeJamboree crossed from #Russia to #Alaska #USA | @bike_jamboree #ScoutsPoland

Here is an update of @Bike_Jamboree global journey to 2019 World Scout Jamboree. Follow them via Instagram. #BikeJamboree. Alaska update is next. – Outdoors University

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Stage 16 is the most independent stage we had so far… 🤣 our relay baton after jumping into sea of Okhosk passed by Japan (maybe she was hitchhiking there, you know without legs its hard to cycle…. 😜) and than took a prom trouh Pacific Ocean… ended her tour in Homer Alaska.[/[/[/[/[/[/
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#ScoutsPoland #BikeJamboree teams crossing #Russia. 
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#ScoutsPoland #BikeJamboree teams crossing #Russia. 

Biking from Prague to Magdeburg with Kids | Chip Veerle Haverhals

We followed the outdoors adventures of Chip Veerle Haverhals. See all her biking photos in Facebook. – Outdoors University.

Prague !
Our first day of the 2018 episode with #Xavieerle and the #miniChips by bike, after a wonderful trip being hosted by Joschka and Katharina in Germany, and by Sylva via Petr ‘Permi’ in the Czech Republic. 
Following EuroVélo Route 4 and 7, outdoor adventure here we are!
The Elbe…
Bathing moment with the #miniChips and cooling down. It’s hot! Cycling through small villages today. 
It’s beautiful: the landscapes, the people, the hospitality…
Cycling day IV
When the road continues on the other side…
You take a boat.
When you cross the boarder…
Bye bye Czech Republic, very close to Poland, hello Germany.
When the camp site where you were supposed to sleep is closed…
You continue till the next town.
When you count all that together, we did our longest etappe of the journey till now and went over the 50km on one day.
Going through the Bohemian Massif along the meandering Elbe, to the Elbe Sandstone Mountains in Saxon Switzerland.
#Xavieerle #miniChips
Our iron horses in the prairie.
Our miniChips first night ever in a tipi.
A night full of stars, and a quality sleep for all.
Beautiful hills around, wine bars and lots of tourists on electric bikes.
Cycling day VIII
#Xavieerle #miniChips
802 km to Paris
9677 km to Cape Town
3135 km to Cairo
4107 km to the North Pole
16 632 km to Sydney931 km to Oslo
11 656 km to Buenos Aires
450 km to Copenhagen
9056 km to Los Angeles
552 km to Amsterdam
7593 km to Peking
4850 km to Kabul
1781 km to Madrid
560 km to Warschau

The world around us. Ready to be explored.
Cycling day XI
#Xavieerle #miniChips
40212321_10155505320636898_1674276001141489664_o (1)
We did it!
Final destination Cycling Tour 2018.
525 km along the Elbe, from Prague till Maagdenburg!
0 flat tires on the road
1 fantastic long bike with many kids
2 inflatable mattress we could use from #scout friends
3 days with rain, otherwise heat wave 
#miniChips on a crazy adventure
5 times we cooked pasta, and other dishes were more creative
6 sleeping bags to keep us warm
7 bottles of water to use and refill
8 tires on our Croozers and bikes
9 lost items during the trip (…)
10 Ortlieb bags to carry all our stuff
11 nights outdoor, sleeping in a tent
12 pairs of shoes and sandals 
13 liters of water or beer per day (or more)
14 cycling days with the entire patrol!
Cycling day XIV

” Almost every night we camp, in sunny times and through storms, our Green Castle is our little home. Can you imagine, to transport one huuuuge tent, 6 sleeping bags, and so on, and so on, on two bikes? Every year we’re proud we manage again and again.”

#Xavieerle #miniChips

“At the same time, we know we are very privileged, to enjoy camping and moving from one place to another, and calling it holidays. To have all the luxury we need, while thousands of people are on the road every day…not by choice, not for holidays…”


Chip Veerle Haverhals is a volunteer at World Organization of the Scout Movement – WOSM. She lives in Brussels, Belgium.

Sintra is Another Example of a Magical Place near Lisbon, Portugal | @vamospedaleando

  • vamospedaleando🇪🇸 Sintra es otro ejemplo de esos lugares mágicos que te consigues luego de creer entrar en un pueblo mas. Este lugar, que queda en una montaña a las afueras de Lisboa, ofrece una variedad de palacios, mansiones, y jardines extravagantes que te dejan la boca abierta y te dan la oportunidad de pasar el fin de semana viviendo en otra época. Un escape perfecto para ir con esa persona especial ❤️.

    🇬🇧 Sintra is another example of a magical place that I found after thinking I was getting into a small, common town. It is located in a mountain outside of Lisboa and it has a wide variety of palaces, mansions and extravagant gardens that will leave you amazed with its beauty. The perfect place to visit with someone special ❤️.

    #vamospedaleando #portugal#cicloturismo #bikepacking #viajero#viajando #viaje #travel #traveler#traveling #sintra #lisboa#weekendescape #palace #palacio

#BikeJamboree in Siberia, Russia | @bike_jamboree #ScoutsPoland #Stage7

🇵🇱 and it’s over #etap7. In 25 days we drove on our bikes 1440 km in raw Siberia, without one day of rest, in perfect health and mood. From Omsk, along the border with Kazakhstan on the roads of different quality, rather little with beautiful views of the forests and steppes by Bagan, karasuk, czernovkę, proletarskij, krasny, krasny jar, novosybirsk then along River River River River The car which connects both its edges around 20 km long, then berdsk, burmistrowo, czingis, shipunovo, telemenka, barnaul.

The Frost accompanied us every day, and the sun also didn’t left us almost at all. And Deciding to spread the tent overnight, at the expected temperature falling below minus 25 c is very serious. Believe us, it’s not easy, despite the excellent equipment, the responsibility for our lives when it’s the first time it’s very difficult. For this awakening in the middle of the taiga, in the snow and many wild animal trails, it’s a great experience, which i wish everyone. Thanks to Christopher Kusiaka the unofficial director of navigation and all the rest of our trips for the excellent conduct of us all over the stage and for the excellent cooperation and the joyful moments despite the occasional fingers of the fingers and legs, the feeling of a odpadającego nose that was not easy to find a way to Normal temperature. This is my most beautiful cycle adventure, each one is great, today is the first place, because apart from all the anturażu; the exotics, the climate, the excitement, the people that we have been talking to, mutual sympathy, generosity and hospitality are the greatest treasure of this expedition. Thank you very much all the cheering of our adventure. Zygmunt Piętak and Chris Kusiak.

#bj, #etap7

🇬🇧 It is the end of #stage7. In 25 days, we cycled 1440 km in inclement Siberia, without one day of rest, in a great mood and good health. From Omsk, along the border with Kazakhstan on roads of different quality, rather less frequented with beautiful views among forests and steppes through Bagan, Karasuk, Czernovka, Proletarskij, Krasny Jar, Novosibirsk then along the huge river Ob, where most often in January is formed the official ice road car connecting both its shores, about 20 km long, then Bierdsk, Burmistrowo, Czingis, Shipunovo, Telemenka, Barnaul.

The frost accompanied us every day, the sun did not leave us almost at all. And making a decision to spread the tent overnight, with the expected temperature falling below minus 25 C is a very serious matter.

Please believe us, it is not easy, despite the excellent equipment, the responsibility for our lives, when it is done for the first time is very difficult.

For this wake up in the middle of the taiga, among the snow and many trails of wild animals is a sensational experience, which I wish everyone.

Thanks to Krzysia Kusiak, the unofficial navigational director of this and all our other excursions, for perfecting us throughout the entire stage and for excellent cooperation and joyful moments despite stiffened fingers and toes, feeling of a falling nose, for which it was not easy to find a way to return to normal temperature. This is my most beautiful bicycle adventure so far, each one is great, today it is in the first place, because besides the entire entoruage; exotica, climate, impressions, people we met, talked to, mutual sympathy, generosity and hospitality are the greatest treasure of this trip. Thank you very much to all those who support our adventure.

#bj, #stage7

Mafra’s Palace, Portugal | @vamospedaleando

  • @vamospedaleando🇪🇸 Algo que sorprende de Portugal es la cantidad de monumentos o palacios gigantescos que te encuentras en la mitad de la nada. El palacio de Mafra es un ejemplo de eso. Por aquí pasé porque me quedaba en el camino a donde iba y pensé que era uno de esos pueblos que ves que son pequeños y sin mucho encanto, hasta que llegué al centro y me encontré con semejante palacio que llama la atención ante toda la naturaleza que le rodea. Espectacular y asombroso 🏫.

    🇬🇧Something impressive about Portugal is the amount of monuments and palaces that you can find in the middle of nowhere. Mafra’s palace is an example of that. I was just passing by through a small town that I thought it had nothing to show. Suddenly I found myself in front of this majestic place that conquers the views of all of its natural surrounding. Beautiful and spectacular 🏫. …

    #vamospedaleando #portugal#cicloturismo #bikepacking #viajero#viajando #viaje #travel #traveler#traveling #mafra #palaciodemafra#palace #palacio #bicycle #bicicleta

Honoring a Stolen Biclycle | @vamospedaleando will bike again!

The news of a stolen bike was announced when a new biking trip between Barcelona and Madrid was ready to start. This is a lesson from adversity and how these storms strengthen our vision and goals. The sun will shine again. @vamospedalenado is an example and an inspiration to many people who follow his adventures. His photos, chronicles, and outdoors wisdom will continue. Follow him, share his photos, and donate to help him in getting a new bike. – Outdoors University.

Click here, donate, and write your comments of encouragement. We need him biking again soon!

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 1.22.24 PM.png
@vamospedaleando🇪🇸 En honor a ella, a Maca 🚲. Por la felicidad que me produjo. Hoy brindo por la bicicleta en general, por las mias, las de ustedes, y las que están por venir. Por que cada vez seamos mas utilizando y disfrutando de este maravilloso invento 🍻.

🇬🇧 Today I cheer in her honor 🚲. For the happiness that it produced me. And I cheer for the bicycle in general. For mine, yours, and all the bikes in the world. I hope for the near future to be full of bikes and more of us will be enjoying this wonderful invention 🍻.

#vamospedaleando #portugal#cicloturismo #bikepacking #viajero#viajando #viaje #travel #traveler#traveling #bicicleta #bicycle #bici#cycling #cyclotour #cyclotouring #bike
Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 1.22.38 PM
@vamospedaleando🇪🇸 Lamentablemente, me robaron a Maca una hora antes de emprender mi rumbo de Barcelona a Madrid 😭. Me han quitado mi medio de transporte, mi herramienta de trabajo, mi compañera, mi diversion, mi terapia anti estrés, anti tristeza, y anti toda sensación negativa que exista. Me da tanta rabia y tanta tristeza al mismo tiempo que ahora no siento ninguna de las dos, solo siento impotencia. Solo puedo decir que volveré a la ruta, no se cuando, ni como, pero seguiremos pedaleando ✋🏽❤️

🇬🇧 Sadly, my bike got stolen one hour before leaving from Barcelona to Madrid. I am so mad and so sad at the same time that I don’t even know what Im feeling. All I have to say is that I will be back on the road. I don’t know when, or how I will do it, but I will continue cycling around ✋🏽❤️

#vamospedaleando #barcelona#cicloturismo #bikepacking #viajero#viajando #viaje #travel #traveler#traveling #bicicleta #bicycle #cycling#pedaleando #bike #bici

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[ESP] Una amiga hizo un gofundme con su organización donde la gente está donando.

How this post was used in the International Business Management class. Global social responsibility, Sustainable Development Goals, EcoTurismo, Security, and City Management

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The Sun Always Shine After the Storms of Life | @VamosPedaleando | Portugal

The sun always shine after the storms of life. Perseverance and faith are some of most challenging lessons. #KeepBiking #KeepCamping

==> #Repost @vamospedaleando

🇪🇸 El día que llegué a Nazaré fue un día bastante duro tanto física como mentalmente. Volvía de visitar Coimbra y Fatima que están mas al centro y volver a la costa significaba pedalear con el viento en contra 💨🚴🏽. Pero lo peor vino luego cuando entré al pueblo y se me pinchó una rueda. Ya no me quedaba ni repuestos, ni parches, y ademas no había tienda de bicicletas. Estaba jo… 😓

Por suerte un señor me dijo que había un supermercado de estos que tienen de todo, y que vendía cámaras para la bici. Así que le hice un nudo a la cámara rota y logré rodar 4km de subida hasta la tienda. Tras arreglar la rueda, me mató psicológicamente el hecho de no poder ver el atardecer desde el mirador de olas del pueblo 🌊. Así que me fui un poco decepcionado y triste hasta que conseguí este bosque 🌲. Solo 5min aquí, con el sonido de los grillos en la noche, fueron suficientes para hacerme ver que aún con los inconvenientes, el día terminaba de manera espectacular 😃

… 🇺🇸 The day I went to Nazaré was physically and mentally challenging. After visiting Coimbra and Fatima, which are in the middle of Portugal, I had to go back to the coast. That meant riding against the wind 💨🚴🏽 But the worse part was when I got to Nazaré and had a flat. I didn’t have anything to repair it and the town had no bicycle shop 😱. After finding the way to fix it, I got frustrated because I couldn’t watch the sunset. I left the town very disappointed until I found this forest 🌲. 5 min here, in dark and silence, were enough to realize that even with all the inconveniences, the day ended in a spectacular way 😃.

#vamospedaleando #portugal #cicloturismo #bikepacking #viajero #viajando #viaje #travel #traveler #traveling #nazare #forest #pineforest #campground #campamento #camping #campingtrip #campinglife #campsite #lifeonthetrail #cyclephotos #campingofinsta #bosque #pinar #pinos

Welcome to the Biggest Waves in the World | Nazaré, Portugal | @vamospedaleando

Exploring the Biggest Waves in the World. ==>

#Repost @vamospedaleando

🇪🇸 Después de pasar una noche tan buena en el pinar 🌲, tenía que darle otra oportunidad a Nazaré y quería visitar el mirador de olas 🌊. Aunque no fuera temporada de olas grandes. Así que regresé. Una maravilla. Sin duda tengo que volver a ver como surfean esos monstruos. … 🇺🇸 After spending such a good night in the pine forest 🌲, I had to give Nazaré another chance. I also had to go the big waves lookout, even though it was not the big wave season 🌊. So I went back and it was wonderful. I definitely have to go back and watch those monsters being surfed. …

#vamospedaleando #portugal #cicloturismo #bikepacking #viajero #viajando #viaje #travel #traveler #traveling #surf #bigwaves #nazare #surfing #playa #beach #surfbeach

EVENT: Nov 19 – 9am Local Time – Vuelta a Barcelona [ESP] | @VamosPedaleando


[ESP] ¡Hola! Soy Edu 👋🏽👨🏻

Hace 5 meses salí de Barcelona con el objetivo de darle la vuelta a la península Ibérica en bicicleta.

Y hace 5 años llegué a España y visité Sitges por primera vez. Deseando algún día poder pedalear la carretera antigua que se ubica en la conocida Costa de Garraf.

Por eso mismo es que he decidido cerrar el circulo y cumplir mi objetivo justamente por esa carretera que siempre he querido pedalear.

Me gustaría invitarte a que me acompañes en este día que para mi es sumamente importante. Si te gusta montar bici, si te gusta pedalear,te invito y te pido que por favor me acompañes en este día tan especial.

El plan es salir de Sitges el Domingo 19/11 a las 9 de la mañana y llegar a Barcelona a medido día. Una vez llegados a la ciudad Condal, nos reuniremos para celebrar la vuelta. El plan es hacer una parrilla, tomar cervecitas/vino/alcohol y compartir una tarde de Domingo diferente y con gente que comparte el amor por pedalear.
(Cada quien paga lo que consume)(aunque me gustaría poder invitar 😂)

El camino suele ser de 2hrs45min pero cuenta que yo llevo 50+ kilos encima. 🤣

Espero que te animes a acompañarme y si conoces a alguien que le gusta la bici y vive en Barcelona, compartele el evento, seguro que se anima.

😃 ¡Gracias!


Hello! I’m Edu 👋🏽👨🏻 Five months ago I left Barcelona with the aim of cycling around the Iberian Peninsula. And 5 years ago I arrived in Spain and visited Sitges for the first time. Desiring to one day be able to pedal the old road that is located in the well known Costa de Garraf.

That is why I have decided to close the circle and fulfill my goal just for that road that I have always wanted to pedal. I would like to invite you to join me on this day that is very important to me. If you like to ride a bike, if you like to pedal, I invite you and I ask you to please accompany me on this special day.

The plan is to leave Sitges on Sunday 11/19 at 9 in the morning and arrive in Barcelona at noon. Once we arrive in Barcelona, ​​we will meet to celebrate the return. The plan is to make a grill, drink beers / wine / alcohol and share a different Sunday afternoon with people who share the love of pedaling. (Everyone pays what they consume) (although I would like to invite 😂) The road is usually 2hrs 45min but it counts that I have 50+ kilos on top. 🤣 I hope that you accompany me and if you know someone who likes to bike and lives in Barcelona, ​​share the event with them, I am sure that they will be encouraged. 😃 Thank you! 🙏🏽