Lighthouse of Praia da Barra, Aveiro, Portugal | @vamospedaleando

#Repost @vamospedaleando ・・・ 🇪🇸 El faro de Aveiro es el mas alto de Portugal, el 2do mas alto de la península Ibérica, y uno de los mas altos del mundo. Un lugar precioso para ver el atardecer 🌅 y disfrutar de la deliciosa comida de Portugal 🎣🇵🇹. ... 🇺🇸 The Aveiro lighthouse is the tallest …

Bike Jamboree Bicyclists arrived to #Russia | #BikeJamboree | #ScoutsPoland

🇬🇧We've been amazed by Omsk for a couple of days and this is mainly because of the people we happened to get to know here. We met Lubov Nesetrova the chairwoman of the Centre of Polish Culture and Education "Polonez" in Omsk. Tatiana and Svietlana who are members of this organization were or guides in …

Tour to Shogran Siri paye Naran Babusar, Pakistan (Day 2) | Venturers’ Club

#Day 2 (Tour_to_Shogran_Siri_paye_Naran_Babusar) #Day2 _Stayed at Naraan _ Explore River Kunhar _ Explore Lulusar lake, Jhalkhad lake , Kewai waterfall _ Traveled to Gilgit Baltistan and reaches Babusar top _ River Rafting Courtesy: D2D #VenturersClub #ShogranDiaries #Hiking #Camping #BBQ #RiverRafting #BaBuSar #Lulusar #Jalkhad #Besal #Gattidas #Siri #Paye#VenturersFirstHike See all Day photos

Meet our Collaborators | Alberto Pomares | Venezuela

Alberto Pomares is a professional photographer and professor of digital photography at universities. His photos of tepuys in Venezuela have been published in books and photo magazines. His current outdoor projects include commercial photography and hyper-time-lapses. His websites are and Expeditions and Great Landscape Photography Prints of Venezuela | Alberto Pomares | #eCommerce

Expeditions and Great Landscape Photography Prints of Venezuela | Alberto Pomares | #eCommerce

Alberto Pomares is a retired Navy officer and GIS professional. He brought his passion for photography to amazing outdoors scenery. He has traveled in strenuous expeditions to capture Canaima, and Tepuys in an unique way. He is also an university professor of Digital Photography. Here is a small sample of his photos. He has also …