10 miles, 2 bears, one snake, and coffee. | Melissa Kay Thompson

“10 miles, 2 bears, one snake, coffee for dinner and breakfast and lots of friends around a campfire. — pretty amazing time!” – Melissa Kay Thompson




Honoring a Stolen Biclycle | @vamospedaleando will bike again!

The news of a stolen bike was announced when a new biking trip between Barcelona and Madrid was ready to start. This is a lesson from adversity and how these storms strengthen our vision and goals. The sun will shine again. @vamospedalenado is an example and an inspiration to many people who follow his adventures. His photos, chronicles, and outdoors wisdom will continue. Follow him, share his photos, and donate to help him in getting a new bike. – Outdoors University.

Click here, donate, and write your comments of encouragement. We need him biking again soon! https://www.classy.org/campaign/vamospedaleando-juntos/c159221

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@vamospedaleando🇪🇸 En honor a ella, a Maca 🚲. Por la felicidad que me produjo. Hoy brindo por la bicicleta en general, por las mias, las de ustedes, y las que están por venir. Por que cada vez seamos mas utilizando y disfrutando de este maravilloso invento 🍻.

🇬🇧 Today I cheer in her honor 🚲. For the happiness that it produced me. And I cheer for the bicycle in general. For mine, yours, and all the bikes in the world. I hope for the near future to be full of bikes and more of us will be enjoying this wonderful invention 🍻.

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@vamospedaleando🇪🇸 Lamentablemente, me robaron a Maca una hora antes de emprender mi rumbo de Barcelona a Madrid 😭. Me han quitado mi medio de transporte, mi herramienta de trabajo, mi compañera, mi diversion, mi terapia anti estrés, anti tristeza, y anti toda sensación negativa que exista. Me da tanta rabia y tanta tristeza al mismo tiempo que ahora no siento ninguna de las dos, solo siento impotencia. Solo puedo decir que volveré a la ruta, no se cuando, ni como, pero seguiremos pedaleando ✋🏽❤️

🇬🇧 Sadly, my bike got stolen one hour before leaving from Barcelona to Madrid. I am so mad and so sad at the same time that I don’t even know what Im feeling. All I have to say is that I will be back on the road. I don’t know when, or how I will do it, but I will continue cycling around ✋🏽❤️

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A friend opened an account to receive donations. Click link below.


[ESP] Una amiga hizo un gofundme con su organización donde la gente está donando.


How this post was used in the International Business Management class. Global social responsibility, Sustainable Development Goals, EcoTurismo, Security, and City Management

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Learning about camping and buildings in Porto, Portugal | @vamospedaleando

You better select a good spot to camp. 😂😂 ==> #Repost @vamospedaleando[ESP] ✌🏽Segunda noche en Porto 🇵🇹. Mismo parque pero distinto lugar ya que no quería seguir compartiendo espacio con las ratas que estaban a mi lado la noche anterior 🐭🤣 …

[ENG] ✌🏽Second night in Porto 🇵🇹. Same park but different place. This time I didn’t want to keep sharing my space with the rats that were roaming around the night before 🐭🤣
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#Repost @vamospedaleando

Sept 2017

[ESP] 🏫 Edificios de Porto. Mi experiencia con esta ciudad fue bastante extraña. La carretera para entrar estaba demasiado transitada 🚗, lo que hizo que entrara a la ciudad sin ganas de nada 😪. No tenía donde dormir y tenía ganas de naturaleza. Sin embargo, me quedé 3 días y 4 noches y terminé encantado. Me fui decidido a volver y vivirla mejor 😍. Espero que sea mas pronto que tarde.

[ENG] 🏫 Building in Porto. My experience in this city was very strange. The road to get in was very busy 🚗. That made me dubious about my stay and I felt like I didn’t want to be there 😪. However, I stayed 3 days and 4 nights and ended up loving it 😍. I left wanting to go back, hope its sooner than later.

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Biking to Kostanay, Kazakhstan | @bike_jamboree | #ScoutsPoland

#ScoutsPoland @bike_jamboree in #Kostanay #kazakhstan. It is great to find Scouts and supporters in cities they visit. Follow @bike_jamboree and FB page. ==> #stage6 #etap6 #bikejamboree

🇬🇧We’ve just started! How spectacular it was!🚲

In Kostanay we were staying at the parish of the Assumption of the Blessef Virgin Mary. We were hosted by the polish missionaries: priest Sławomir and sisters Joachima and Goretti. What they do is impressive! They build catholic community, help not only local people but also such vagabonds like us.

On Sunday we took part in the holy mass, meet the parishioners, got blessing from the priest and set off!

We couldn’t have thought of a better farewell comitee. Thank you! 😁😍

Botafumeiro, Tiraboleiros, and Finis Terrae | Pablo Cigoy | Camino de Santiago 

Pilgrims’ Mass at #SantiagoDeCompostela Cathedral. #Botafumeiro and #Tiraboleiros in action. ==> #Repost @pablo.cigoy

[ESP] Una meta más cumplida… Una caminata de 800km durante un mes… Diagnóstico: ampollas, chinches, gripe, dolores de rodilla, y esguince en el tobillo

Resultado: Felicidad absoluta de haber vivido experiencias hermosas, conocer gente maravillosa y aprender más de la vida y de mí mismo, dejando En claro mis próximos pasos a seguir…

Así termina/empieza está aventura.

Próximamente nuevas locuras!! 😀


#botafumeiro #Catedral #SantiagodeCompostela #caminodesantiago #km0 #graciastotales


Friday Mass at #SantiagoDeCompostela Cathedral. #Botafumeiro and #Tiraboleiros in action. ==> #Repost @ pablo.cigoy

A more accomplished goal … A 800km walk for a month … Diagnosis: blisters, bedbugs, flu, knee pain, and sprained ankle

Result: Absolute happiness of having lived beautiful experiences, meeting wonderful people and learning more about life and myself, leaving in clear my next steps to follow …

Thus ends / begins this adventure.

Soon new insanities !! : D

#good way

#botafumeiro #Catedral #Santiago deCompostela #caminodesantiago # km0 #graciastotales

Pablo Cigoy continued his hike until Finis Terrae, the End of the Earth. 

From this point in a clear day you can see the  Atlantic Ocean. #Finisterre

Move With Us Around The World! Bike Jamboree 2017-2019 | @bike_jamboree

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About #BikeJamboree Project. #ScoutsPoland

“Bicycle relay that has never been done so far. Around the World! Two years ago, when we organized the Bike Jamboree 2015, we travelled from Poland to Japan to finally come to World Scout Jamboree in Japan. We liked it, so now we are moving on. We will start at 27 May, 2017, to reach World Scout Jamboree in West Virginia by cycling for the next 2,5 years (July / August 2019) and then return to Poland. From Gdansk to Gdansk: 35 thousand kilometres, 34 phases/stages, 21 countries. Through the most beautiful areas of the northern hemisphere. Why? To promote Poland, to experience adventure, and to show how important scouting can be in the today’s world.  However, we do not invite only scouts to participate in our expedition. Adventure is waiting for everyone!”

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“We want to show that Scouting is an extremely interesting social movement involving young, ambitious and unconventional people. People who can work together independently of the political situation in the world. They do not know prejudice against other nations or religions. They disagree with the world’s widespread inequalities and actively work towards positive changes in their environment. Scouting is the elite of today’s youth.”

This is a sample of some of their photos during first stages of #BikeJamboree. Poland to Kazakhstan.


Bike Jamboree Goes On! See World Jamboree Foundation website.

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 2.37.02 PM

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 2.39.06 PM

Established in 2006 by the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association (ZHP). Its purpose is to promote the foreign activities of children and young people and to promote foreign topics in education and education programs.

The Foundation, between others, has financially and organizationally supported the Polish scouts contingents during World Scout Jamborees in the UK and Sweden and also co-organized the Bike Jamboree 2015 project

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 2.22.52 PM


Visit Bike Jamboree website to follow their route in an interactive map. http://bikejamboree.pl/en
Follow @bike_jamboree via Instagram.

Pilgrim Paulum Cigoy arrived to Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela | Camino de Santiago

[ESP] Con mucha emoción llegué a mí destino!!! Quiero agradecerle a TODOS por estar pendientes de mí aventura! Fueron 30 días hermosos e inolvidables… GRACIAS y mil GRACIAS!!! 🙏🏻

With great emotion I arrived at my destination !!! I want to thank EVERYONE for following my adventure! It was 30 beautiful and unforgettable days … THANKS and THANK YOU !!! 

– Pablo Cigoy. Scouter, hiker, chef and now Pilgrim of Santiago de Compostela. Goal accomplished! 

O Castro Park: The Best Views of the City Vigo | @vamospedaleando


[ESP] El parque O Castro de Vigo no solo ofrece las mejores vistas de la ciudad, sino también el lugar ideal para hacer un picnic y dormir una siesta 😴 Lo mejor es que llegué hasta ese punto únicamente porque estaba siguiendo la Rua de Venezuela 😂

[ENG] The O Castro park not only has the best views of the city Vigo, but its also the perfect place to have a picnic and take a nap 😴 the best thing is that I got there only because I was following the Venezuelan St 😂


#vamospedaleando #españa #spain #cicloturismo #bikepacking #viajero#viajando #viaje #travel #traveler #traveling #galicia #vigo #venezuela#picnic #cityview #mirador #castle #castillo #park #parque #citypark @ Vigo, Spain