Mount Hood, Oregon | Morella Koifman and Raul Sotillo | #Overlanding

Mount Hood and Trillium Lake
Crater Lake National Park, Oregon
Mount Hood, Oregon


Oregon Coast, Where forests meet the sea! | Morella Koifman & Raul Sotillo

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Oregon. Arch Rock.
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Fish & Chips
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High Tech Camping. #microcamper 3overlanding
Morella and Raul crossed the continental US from Florida to California and beyond aboard this custom made microcamper. See previous posts of his overlanding outdoors adventures.

Colorado And Utah National Parks | #sotillooverlanding2017

Morella Koifman and Raul Sotillo continue their trip to the West Coast of the USA. Here is an update after arriving to Colorado and Utah. #sotillooverlanding2017

Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado

Arches National Park. Moab, Utah

Overlanding Across USA in a Custom-made MiniCamper | Morella Koifman & Raul Sotillo

What is next for a Venezuelan couple that traveled in a VW Camper crossing Central America all the way to Texas and then went all the way to Jacksonville and Miami?

Well, they decided to cross Spain in a motorcycle! This year we observed the construction of a bed frame to create an unique mini-camper to drive from Miami, Florida to California.

These are their first pictures of  Morella and Raul overlanding across USA. So far, they have camped in State Parks and a Walmart “resort”.

We are following their outdoors life learning experience and we will share their photos as they continue their journey inside this unique mini-camper.

“Overlanding describes self-reliant adventure travel to remote destinations where the journey is the primary goal. … While expedition is defined as a journey with a purpose, overlanding sees the journey as the purpose.” #Wikipedia.