Outdoors Personal Fitness and Long Trails | Melissa Kay Thompson

Melissa Kay Thompson is a personal trainer who likes physical fitness, healthy style-life, adventures, hikes, and backpacking. We are going to share lessons from her long trails including the #AppalachianTrail. She is now traveling with her husband Mark Thompson to explore Colorado. Stay tune.

Trainera races is an ancient sport in the Basque Country | Pedro San Miguel

https://www.facebook.com/Donostiarra.trainera/videos/1839008856127484/ Trainera races is an ancient sport in the Basque Country. The competition to win the Flag of the Kontxa of San Sebastian is the cap and the prize most desired.   These are scenes from the competition this year, which ended on Sunday, September 10 and in which separately, men-drawn trawlers as well as …

Outdoors Life is a Wonderful Opportunity to Feel… | @johnsilvaphototraveler

Lessons from @johnsilvaphototraveler.  Outdoor life is a wonderful opportunity to feel that we are part of this planet and that it is our duty to leave it in better conditions than we find it; legacy of the founder of the Scout Movement. (Cocora Valley, Salento-Quindio, Colombia) #valledelcocora #salento #colombia #camping #airelibre #wild #lifestyle #scouts #scoutiar …

Solar, Wind, and Green Power | @VamosPedaleando

#SolarPower #WindPower #GreenPower. Lessons from @vamospedaleando. He is biking across #Spain and #Portugal looking for #sustainable ideas. His photos share his beautiful views and his reflections while sleeping in a tent or hammock under the stars. Follow him via #VamosPedaleando in Instagram and Facebook. The university is outdoors. #outdoorsuniversity