#BikeJamboree crossed from #Russia to #Alaska #USA | @bike_jamboree #ScoutsPoland

Here is an update of @Bike_Jamboree global journey to 2019 World Scout Jamboree. Follow them via Instagram. #BikeJamboree. Alaska update is next. – Outdoors University

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Stage 16 is the most independent stage we had so far… 🤣 our relay baton after jumping into sea of Okhosk passed by Japan (maybe she was hitchhiking there, you know without legs its hard to cycle…. 😜) and than took a prom trouh Pacific Ocean… ended her tour in Homer Alaska.[/[/[/[/[/[/
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#ScoutsPoland #BikeJamboree teams crossing #Russia. 
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#ScoutsPoland #BikeJamboree teams crossing #Russia. 

Stick Transferred in #Omsk, #Russia | #BikeJamboree | #ScoutsPoland

Stick transferred! 🚴🚴

🇬🇧Like the rivers Irtysh and Om meet in the Omsk city, so did stage six with stage seven. For us this is the end of an amazing, tiring and fruitful journey, for Zygmunt and Krzysztof this is just the beginning😁 Siberia is beautiful, hopefully it will be friendly fire the next stage of #BikeJamboree!
We would like to thank organizers for starting such an interesting project – without them we would probably not dare to come here 😄 We also want to thank those who made our journey safe and comfortable: @Kross, @Crosso, @Pajak, @Primus, @Regatta, @Medyk, @ZHP and @ZHR.
It’s time to say goodbye – Mantas Gmitrzuk, Ania Rupniewska, Łukasz Tomala and Andrzej Przybylski. Be prepared! Будь готов!
#stage6 #stage7

Unfortunately, mantas and Andrew had a flight to Poland first thing in the morning and they didn’t see the next step. Ania well replaces the leader 😉
Beautiful train station in Omsk, Russia. We’ll remember for long 😊

Bike Jamboree Bicyclists arrived to #Russia | #BikeJamboree | #ScoutsPoland


🇬🇧We’ve been amazed by Omsk for a couple of days and this is mainly because of the people we happened to get to know here. We met Lubov Nesetrova the chairwoman of the Centre of Polish Culture and Education “Polonez” in Omsk. Tatiana and Svietlana who are members of this organization were or guides in the city, took us to delicious restaurants 😋 and taught us how to play a Russian boarding game.
We also talked about #BikeJamboree in Caritas, where children spend their winter holidays. We really like Siberia 😄
#etap6 #stage6

Already in Russia 🇷🇺😄
Rowery tak pięknie się prezentują z kompletami sakw 🚴😊
Bikes are so beautiful with sets bags 🚴😊


Move With Us Around The World! Bike Jamboree 2017-2019 | @bike_jamboree

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About #BikeJamboree Project. #ScoutsPoland

“Bicycle relay that has never been done so far. Around the World! Two years ago, when we organized the Bike Jamboree 2015, we travelled from Poland to Japan to finally come to World Scout Jamboree in Japan. We liked it, so now we are moving on. We will start at 27 May, 2017, to reach World Scout Jamboree in West Virginia by cycling for the next 2,5 years (July / August 2019) and then return to Poland. From Gdansk to Gdansk: 35 thousand kilometres, 34 phases/stages, 21 countries. Through the most beautiful areas of the northern hemisphere. Why? To promote Poland, to experience adventure, and to show how important scouting can be in the today’s world.  However, we do not invite only scouts to participate in our expedition. Adventure is waiting for everyone!”

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“We want to show that Scouting is an extremely interesting social movement involving young, ambitious and unconventional people. People who can work together independently of the political situation in the world. They do not know prejudice against other nations or religions. They disagree with the world’s widespread inequalities and actively work towards positive changes in their environment. Scouting is the elite of today’s youth.”

This is a sample of some of their photos during first stages of #BikeJamboree. Poland to Kazakhstan.


Bike Jamboree Goes On! See World Jamboree Foundation website.

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Established in 2006 by the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association (ZHP). Its purpose is to promote the foreign activities of children and young people and to promote foreign topics in education and education programs.

The Foundation, between others, has financially and organizationally supported the Polish scouts contingents during World Scout Jamborees in the UK and Sweden and also co-organized the Bike Jamboree 2015 project

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Visit Bike Jamboree website to follow their route in an interactive map. http://bikejamboree.pl/en
Follow @bike_jamboree via Instagram.