Outdoors Workforce cleaning streets in Madrid, Spain | Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche Valencia

Outdoors workers are needed in many areas to keep and improve infrastructure in cities. This is an example of outdoors cleaning in cities. #CityManagement #WasteManagement

Cleaning streets in Madrid, Spain.
Cleaning sewers in Madrid, Spain.
Cleaning sewers in Madrid, Spain.
Cleaning sewers and streets in Madrid, Spain.
Cleaning sewers and streets in Madrid, Spain.

Discussion: Cities have employees or outsource these services. Find out how it is done in your community. What Sustainable Development Goals are covered with this kind of work? Share your findings. Add links or videos.

How this post is being used in a discussion in an International Business course.

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Night Walking Tour of Jewish Quarters of Sagunto | Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche | #semahdevalencia

Another adventure in our quest for Sephardic heritage was to do a night walking tour in the narrow streets of the old Jewish Quarters of Sagunto.

Night tour of the Jewish quarter of Sagunto. After the assault on the Jewish quarter of Valencia in 1391, the Saguntine aljama took over from Valencia and became the most important of the Kingdom. (descubrevalencia.es)

Quiero Cultura is one of the tour operators that offer outdoors walking tours to historic and cultural places of Sagunto.

Tour included stops in several places to display slides to illustrate and complement the outdoors learning experience.

We crossed several arches and visited two medieval jewish cemeteries outside the Castle of Sagunto.

Tours are organized each Saturday during summer months and once a month the rest of the year.

Other night walking tours include visits to all churches, way of the cross, and cemeteries. Outdoors classrooms at night.

We continue finding new information about our #SemahDeValencia family and our Sephardic heritage.

Solar and Wind Energy Exhibit | Center of Environmental Studies | Valencia, Spain | Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche | #Environment #Energy

Our students, curators, and collaborators are sharing outdoors activities with emphasis on specific learning topics. The topics are related to higher education courses also being taught this term.

Our first topic is the Environmental Management. The focus is sustainability, climate, food, lands, reducing human impact, etc. Other topics will be open based on current interest and news.

This is a report of our visit to the Center of Environmental Studies of Comunitat Valenciana in Spain.

Outdoors discussion: how is your community sharing resources to improve energy and environmental management?

Solar and wind exhibits outside main building of Center of Environmental Studies of Valencian Community. The center has a sample of energy sources used in Spain.

More photos of their farm and garden coming soon. Visit their website


Courses: Global Management, Environmental Management, Energy Management.

Honoring a Stolen Biclycle | @vamospedaleando will bike again!

The news of a stolen bike was announced when a new biking trip between Barcelona and Madrid was ready to start. This is a lesson from adversity and how these storms strengthen our vision and goals. The sun will shine again. @vamospedalenado is an example and an inspiration to many people who follow his adventures. His photos, chronicles, and outdoors wisdom will continue. Follow him, share his photos, and donate to help him in getting a new bike. – Outdoors University.

Click here, donate, and write your comments of encouragement. We need him biking again soon! https://www.classy.org/campaign/vamospedaleando-juntos/c159221

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@vamospedaleando🇪🇸 En honor a ella, a Maca 🚲. Por la felicidad que me produjo. Hoy brindo por la bicicleta en general, por las mias, las de ustedes, y las que están por venir. Por que cada vez seamos mas utilizando y disfrutando de este maravilloso invento 🍻.

🇬🇧 Today I cheer in her honor 🚲. For the happiness that it produced me. And I cheer for the bicycle in general. For mine, yours, and all the bikes in the world. I hope for the near future to be full of bikes and more of us will be enjoying this wonderful invention 🍻.

#vamospedaleando #portugal#cicloturismo #bikepacking #viajero#viajando #viaje #travel #traveler#traveling #bicicleta #bicycle #bici#cycling #cyclotour #cyclotouring #bike
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@vamospedaleando🇪🇸 Lamentablemente, me robaron a Maca una hora antes de emprender mi rumbo de Barcelona a Madrid 😭. Me han quitado mi medio de transporte, mi herramienta de trabajo, mi compañera, mi diversion, mi terapia anti estrés, anti tristeza, y anti toda sensación negativa que exista. Me da tanta rabia y tanta tristeza al mismo tiempo que ahora no siento ninguna de las dos, solo siento impotencia. Solo puedo decir que volveré a la ruta, no se cuando, ni como, pero seguiremos pedaleando ✋🏽❤️

🇬🇧 Sadly, my bike got stolen one hour before leaving from Barcelona to Madrid. I am so mad and so sad at the same time that I don’t even know what Im feeling. All I have to say is that I will be back on the road. I don’t know when, or how I will do it, but I will continue cycling around ✋🏽❤️

#vamospedaleando #barcelona#cicloturismo #bikepacking #viajero#viajando #viaje #travel #traveler#traveling #bicicleta #bicycle #cycling#pedaleando #bike #bici

A friend opened an account to receive donations. Click link below.


[ESP] Una amiga hizo un gofundme con su organización donde la gente está donando.


How this post was used in the International Business Management class. Global social responsibility, Sustainable Development Goals, EcoTurismo, Security, and City Management

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Sunday of Regattas of “Traineras” | Kontxa, San Sebastian, Spain | Pedro San Miguel Zatarain

539722_10202100163641407_1401525567_n (1)
Sunday of Regattas, the second round of the Flag of the Kontxa, prized trophy of the rowing teams in the regattas of “traineras” was celebrated. San Sebastian, Spain.

[ESP] Domingo de Regatas, se celebraba la segunda tanda de la Bandera de la Kontxa, preciado trofeo de los equipos de remo en las regatas de traineras.

A “trainera” waiting to be put in the water

[ESP] Una trainera esperando para ser puesta en el agua

The Donostiarra “trainera”, with its 13 oarsmen and the skipper rowing to his starting point

[ESP] La trainera Donostiarra, con sus 13 remeros y el patrón zarpa hacia su puesto

In the end the flag was won “on the ground” by the “trainera” from Hondarribia, when the “trainera” of Urdaibai, winner of the two rounds, was disqualified for having entered the route of Hondarribia and having touched the oars of both “traineras”, a very controversial decision with a lot of controversy

[ESP] Al final la bandera la ganó “en tierra” la trainera de Hondarribia, al ser descalificada la trainera de Urdaibai, ganadora de las dos tandas, por haber ingresado en la ruta de Hondarribia y haber tocado los remos de ambas traineras, una decisión muy discutida y de mucha polémica

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 8.39.27 PM
Bandera de la Concha 2013: Do the oars of Urdaibai and Hondarribia collide?

[ESP] Bandera de la Concha 2013: ¿Chocan los remos de Urdaibai y Hondarribia?

Watch the video here.


EVENT: Nov 19 – 9am Local Time – Vuelta a Barcelona [ESP] | @VamosPedaleando


[ESP] ¡Hola! Soy Edu 👋🏽👨🏻

Hace 5 meses salí de Barcelona con el objetivo de darle la vuelta a la península Ibérica en bicicleta.

Y hace 5 años llegué a España y visité Sitges por primera vez. Deseando algún día poder pedalear la carretera antigua que se ubica en la conocida Costa de Garraf.

Por eso mismo es que he decidido cerrar el circulo y cumplir mi objetivo justamente por esa carretera que siempre he querido pedalear.

Me gustaría invitarte a que me acompañes en este día que para mi es sumamente importante. Si te gusta montar bici, si te gusta pedalear,te invito y te pido que por favor me acompañes en este día tan especial.

El plan es salir de Sitges el Domingo 19/11 a las 9 de la mañana y llegar a Barcelona a medido día. Una vez llegados a la ciudad Condal, nos reuniremos para celebrar la vuelta. El plan es hacer una parrilla, tomar cervecitas/vino/alcohol y compartir una tarde de Domingo diferente y con gente que comparte el amor por pedalear.
(Cada quien paga lo que consume)(aunque me gustaría poder invitar 😂)

El camino suele ser de 2hrs45min pero cuenta que yo llevo 50+ kilos encima. 🤣

Espero que te animes a acompañarme y si conoces a alguien que le gusta la bici y vive en Barcelona, compartele el evento, seguro que se anima.

😃 ¡Gracias!


Hello! I’m Edu 👋🏽👨🏻 Five months ago I left Barcelona with the aim of cycling around the Iberian Peninsula. And 5 years ago I arrived in Spain and visited Sitges for the first time. Desiring to one day be able to pedal the old road that is located in the well known Costa de Garraf.

That is why I have decided to close the circle and fulfill my goal just for that road that I have always wanted to pedal. I would like to invite you to join me on this day that is very important to me. If you like to ride a bike, if you like to pedal, I invite you and I ask you to please accompany me on this special day.

The plan is to leave Sitges on Sunday 11/19 at 9 in the morning and arrive in Barcelona at noon. Once we arrive in Barcelona, ​​we will meet to celebrate the return. The plan is to make a grill, drink beers / wine / alcohol and share a different Sunday afternoon with people who share the love of pedaling. (Everyone pays what they consume) (although I would like to invite 😂) The road is usually 2hrs 45min but it counts that I have 50+ kilos on top. 🤣 I hope that you accompany me and if you know someone who likes to bike and lives in Barcelona, ​​share the event with them, I am sure that they will be encouraged. 😃 Thank you! 🙏🏽

Exploring Kontxa, Bay of La Concha, San Sebastian, Spain | Pedro San Miguel Zatarain

Kontxa Beach

The Beach of La Concha is a beach in the Bay of La Concha in San Sebastián. It is one of the most famous urban beaches in Europe. It is a sandy beach and shallow substrate, in which the tide fluctuation affects greatly the area available for use. Wikipedia

Mount Urgull with the Christ that watches over the city and the Port, the old part and the building of the Town Hall

[ESP] El monte Urgull con el Cristo que vela por la ciudad y a su pie, el Puerto, la Parte Vieja y el edificio de la Casa Consistorial.

See more photos in San Sebastian, Spain.

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