Paddling from Torrey Pines to La Jolla Shores | Soraya Gonzalez Sherwin


I’ve been wanting to paddle from Torrey Pines to La Jolla Shores for quite sometime. I tried to do it once, but the waves were too strong and we quit after being thrown in the water for about one hour.

Today I drove by Torrey Pines beach on the way to La Jolla and decided to stop by to check out the water conditions. The tide was low, there was no wind, it was warm, sunny, and the waves were not too bad…

I was excited when I was able to go past the waves, and was surprised by a ‘fever’ of  stingrays that swam right under my board. I was thrilled!

My plan was to paddle a little south and then return to where I started…

A lonely pelican in the vast ocean…

Considering the possibility of paddling all the way to La Jolla since the water was so calm…

Taking a few minutes to admire the beauty of Torrey Pines Reserve from the ocean for the first time…
This fishing boat kept me going. I knew if something went wrong, somebody will notice.

2017 Jolla.png
Scripps Pier. A familiar place.

Even though this trip was not planned, I was prepared for it. I knew the opportunity was going to present itself someday, and I had to take it when it did. 

Soraya Gonzalez Sherwin

California Statewide Fire Map | Cal Fire

This map provides general locations of major fires burning in California. The fire locations are approximates. Some of the fires on the map are not in the jurisdiction of CAL FIRE and are under the command of another local or federal fire agency.

While Californians are learning more and more about the good as well as the bad of fire, the prevention of large, damaging fires remains a priority for CAL FIRE. From Smokey Bear, to the thousands of CAL FIRE Volunteers in Prevention (VIPs), to new alliances with communities, private industry, and government agencies, aggressive action in fire prevention and fire safety is occurring throughout the State.