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Outdoors Instagramers are learning new life lessons as they travel and share their views and thoughts. It is outdoors learning by using mobile photography, and instant sharing in social media. These are some of their public photos who are caught our attention. Follow their photo journals. We will share some of them that align with our learning topics. Message to @globallearningnews if you know an Instagramer that we should follow.

Outdoors Instagramers we follow to repost their photo journals
@albertopomares_photography– Commercial photography. Time-lapses. Venezuela
@barrogante – TEDxUPValencia Organizer. Spain
@iamjeanne_b – An MD by profession. Traveling and learning is her passion.
@corinasotillo – Traveler. Venezuela. United Arab Emirates.
@dominiquedieffenbach – College professor. Traveler. USA
@drlepervanche – Professor. TEDxFSCJ Organizer. Scouter. SCA Survivor. USA
@isaidgo – Traveling the world to re-learn. Jumping around the world.
@johnsilvaphototraveler – Photojournalist. Scouter. Travel in a Vespa. Ecuador.
@lawrenceim – TEDx curator. Spreading ideas to millions Chinese via @TEDtoChina
@myjulieee – In a world where you can be anything, be kind.
@n0ramaria – Traveler and Photographer. Amsterdam.
@richard_toygt86 – Semester at Sea.
@pablo.cigoy – Traveler, Chef, Photographer.
@patioscout – Social media. Society, environment, & peace news. Scouting. Chile.
@vamospedaleando –  Biking. Permaculture and sustainable life.

More Instagramers coming soon…


Mobile Devices and Social Media: Instant News and Knowledge | Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche | #CitizenReporters

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#CitizensReporters have been using #MobileDevices and #SocialMedia to share instant news, videos, texts, and pictures during times of crisis. We have seen political demonstrations, elections, events, disasters, and many more cases. We have in our hands a powerful computer, communicator, and camera to share and connect with family and friends. We also use these technologies to access #InstantKnowledge about the events, stories, and background information. We are more connected to our mobile devices but also using them to be more connected to people.

#HurricaneMaria and #EarthquakeMexico2017 are recent examples about the use of mobile technologies and smartphone apps to send emergency messages, find relatives, share videos and pictures that later are shown in traditional TV channels.

The issue is to avoid censorship, hacking, fake news, and disruption of the signal. People in Puerto Rico are struggling to communicate and share that they are safe. These are small examples of the increasing dependence of technologies and energy. The bottom line is to know what are we learning during emergencies. We continue with our adapted #Scouting mottos: #BePreparedForemergencies, #BePreparedToChange.

What are we learning about the use of social media and mobile devices?

Here is the report and pictures from Alan Taylor | The Atlantic:
Disconnected by Disaster—Photos From a Battered Puerto Rico

Here is our CNN iReport about the use of mobile technologies during another crisis.
#CitizensReporters 2013
CNN iReport: Venezuelan Elections in New Orleans | #CitizenReporters

2013 CNN iReport JGL Reporter2013 JGL iReport CNN Cellular