Botafumeiro, Tiraboleiros, and Finis Terrae | Pablo Cigoy | Camino de Santiago 

Pilgrims’ Mass at #SantiagoDeCompostela Cathedral. #Botafumeiro and #Tiraboleiros in action. ==> #Repost @pablo.cigoy

[ESP] Una meta más cumplida… Una caminata de 800km durante un mes… Diagnóstico: ampollas, chinches, gripe, dolores de rodilla, y esguince en el tobillo

Resultado: Felicidad absoluta de haber vivido experiencias hermosas, conocer gente maravillosa y aprender más de la vida y de mí mismo, dejando En claro mis próximos pasos a seguir…

Así termina/empieza está aventura.

Próximamente nuevas locuras!! 😀


#botafumeiro #Catedral #SantiagodeCompostela #caminodesantiago #km0 #graciastotales


Friday Mass at #SantiagoDeCompostela Cathedral. #Botafumeiro and #Tiraboleiros in action. ==> #Repost @ pablo.cigoy

A more accomplished goal … A 800km walk for a month … Diagnosis: blisters, bedbugs, flu, knee pain, and sprained ankle

Result: Absolute happiness of having lived beautiful experiences, meeting wonderful people and learning more about life and myself, leaving in clear my next steps to follow …

Thus ends / begins this adventure.

Soon new insanities !! : D

#good way

#botafumeiro #Catedral #Santiago deCompostela #caminodesantiago # km0 #graciastotales

Pablo Cigoy continued his hike until Finis Terrae, the End of the Earth. 

From this point in a clear day you can see the  Atlantic Ocean. #Finisterre


Pilgrim Paulum Cigoy arrived to Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela | Camino de Santiago

[ESP] Con mucha emoción llegué a mí destino!!! Quiero agradecerle a TODOS por estar pendientes de mí aventura! Fueron 30 días hermosos e inolvidables… GRACIAS y mil GRACIAS!!! 🙏🏻

With great emotion I arrived at my destination !!! I want to thank EVERYONE for following my adventure! It was 30 beautiful and unforgettable days … THANKS and THANK YOU !!! 

– Pablo Cigoy. Scouter, hiker, chef and now Pilgrim of Santiago de Compostela. Goal accomplished! 

Fires, rain, and a Scout neckerchief | Pablo Cigoy | Camino de Santiago

Once a Scout always a Scout. Pablo Cigoy And his #ScoutsArgentina neckerchief travel together.

[ESP] Hay más de 200 focos de incendio En Galicia, pasé a 50m de uno … Estoy rogando de que llueva! 🙏🏻 

Fires in Galicia. Praying for rain.

The rain finally came tohelp extinguishing    the fires. 

[ESP] Buenas tardes!! Cada vez más cerca! Mañana caminaré solo 28 km, quedando a una distancia de 12 para poder llegar el día jueves a las 10 am aproximadamente y poder disfrutar de la misa del peregrino! 😁

Boots, walking sticks, food, and … inspirational signs | Pablo Cigoy | Camino de Santiago

“A 115 de Santiago! Cada vez más cerca…” – Pablo Cigoy.

115.653 kilometers to Santiago de Compostela. His photos are showing a variety of important outdoors lessons. You have to have the proper equipment, make new friends and help each other, and get inspired. It is a time to pray, meditate, and get connected to the important things of life. Buen Camino.

Camino de Santiago. A Powerful Hiking Experience. | Pablo Cigoy

Pablo Cigoy is a Scouter from Scouts Argentina who traveled from Mexico, Central America, and Latin America as one of #ViajerosScouts. He visited numerous Scout Groups.

This year he traveled to several countries in Europe and decided to hike the #CaminoDeSantiago.

He sent several photos and later decided that he did not wanted to be distracted in ‘el camino’. “It is too powerful”. We agree , it is an unique powerful hiking experience. We will wait for his chronicles  and life lessons. Buen camino!

This is a small sample of his photos.