Today At 24Th World Scout Jamboree-North America 2019 we visited #BikeJamboree ! / #ScoutsPoland

Today At 24Th World Scout Jamboree-North America 2019 we visited Bike Jamboree! On the stage there was a handover of chopsticks to another stage, who will soon go on a trip back to Poland 🚴 ♂️🚴 ♀️ We have been following #BikeJamboree from Poland to 24th World Scout Jamboree. Now we will continuing following back to Poland. - Outdoors University

#BikeJamboree #RetroBikeJamboree / Trail from Chicago to World #ScoutJamboree / #ScoutsPoland #Stage29

#BikeJamboree #RetroBikeJamboree #ScoutsPoland #Stage29 Did you know that the positioning of the streets of Chicago is the result of rebuilding the city after the big fire in 1871? Legends say that the fire started the city after a cow kicked in an oil lamp, which made straw and then wooden buildings.And this is just the …