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Eco mama group to help distribute fruit trees to the farmers in Butiki village as the rain season starts. #scoutsvolunteer #climatechange#scouts4SDGs Advertisements

As scouts continue to help in displaced families camps. We make sure that sanitation and good hygiene are part of the service offered to communities. This is Iso Camp keeping 250...

We did semaphore and morse code (using whistle) today! 6 words per minute test – aced it! 💪💪💪

From Chariot making to chariot race…Lower Tamugan National High School Boy Scout of the Philippines. Enjoy being a boyscout… – Jerlyn Laurel.

Sharmin Banu is one of the rangers of the Barat Scouts & Guides of Karnataka, India. She is an adventurer, hiker, poet, writer, and Wikipedia editor.