#ExtremeRecyclingBins | How to Recycle at Camp | Kandersteg International Scout Centre | Switzerland

Learn from the experts, Anna and Ella, how to recycle everything in your Scout camp and beyond. https://www.facebook.com/WOSM.OMMS/videos/326774521422279/

Be Prepared For Emergencies | Scouts Volunteers Helping their Communities | #GlobalScouts | International Volunteers Day

#ScoutVolunteers train #Scouts to #BePreparedForEmergencies #OutdoorsLearning for real emergencies. ==> #Repost @worldscouting ・・・ When natural disaster struck be it in Mexico, Sri Lanka, Haiti, Ecuador, or the Philippines and humanitarian response was needed, #Scouts were among the #VolunteersActFirst to help the community. Scouts from BSA Troop 182 in Jacksonville, Florida collected donations for Hurricane Maria's …