Be Prepared For Emergencies | Scouts Volunteers Helping their Communities | #GlobalScouts | International Volunteers Day

#ScoutVolunteers train #Scouts to #BePreparedForEmergencies #OutdoorsLearning for real emergencies. ==> #Repost @worldscouting


When natural disaster struck be it in Mexico, Sri Lanka, Haiti, Ecuador, or the Philippines and humanitarian response was needed, #Scouts were among the #VolunteersActFirst to help the community.

Scouts from BSA Troop 182 in Jacksonville, Florida collected donations for Hurricane Maria’s victims in Puerto Rico. Scouts in Puerto Rico also helped in disaster relief after hurricane destroyed the island.

#ScoutVolunteers teach #Scouts to #BePreparedForEmergencies.


Fires, rain, and a Scout neckerchief | Pablo Cigoy | Camino de Santiago

Once a Scout always a Scout. Pablo Cigoy And his #ScoutsArgentina neckerchief travel together.

[ESP] Hay más de 200 focos de incendio En Galicia, pasé a 50m de uno … Estoy rogando de que llueva! 🙏🏻 

Fires in Galicia. Praying for rain.

The rain finally came tohelp extinguishing    the fires. 

[ESP] Buenas tardes!! Cada vez más cerca! Mañana caminaré solo 28 km, quedando a una distancia de 12 para poder llegar el día jueves a las 10 am aproximadamente y poder disfrutar de la misa del peregrino! 😁

California Statewide Fire Map | Cal Fire

This map provides general locations of major fires burning in California. The fire locations are approximates. Some of the fires on the map are not in the jurisdiction of CAL FIRE and are under the command of another local or federal fire agency.

While Californians are learning more and more about the good as well as the bad of fire, the prevention of large, damaging fires remains a priority for CAL FIRE. From Smokey Bear, to the thousands of CAL FIRE Volunteers in Prevention (VIPs), to new alliances with communities, private industry, and government agencies, aggressive action in fire prevention and fire safety is occurring throughout the State.