Tall Ships are coming to Galveston, Pensacola and New Orleans.

Tall Ships are coming to Galveston, Pensacola and New Orleans.  http://www.galvestonhistory.org/events/tall-ships-galveston-2


Photos by BSA Sea Scouts Southern Region Commodore TW Cook in Galveston, TX

The Netherlands. The three-masted topsail schooner ‘Oosterschelde’ is the last remaining representative of the large fleet of schooners that sailed under the Dutch flag at the beginning of the 20th century. As the largest restored Dutch sailing ship the ‘Oosterschelde’ is a monument for Dutch shipbuilding and maritime navigation under sail. https://www.oosterschelde.nl/ship/?lang=en

Here are some photos of today’s tall ships with his ‘real’ camera:


Tanawha Trail in the Snow | Mark Thompson | Mountain to Sea Trail

First snow storm in Southeast US brought new outdoors learning opportunities. Flight delays, cancellations, emergency preparedness, weather preparedness, and snow sports and activities.

Sea Scouts Sailing Sundays | St. Johns River Base |@scoutmasterjose |North Florida

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 #HurricaneIrma destroyed docks at @sjriverbase in #NorthFlorida#SeaScouts sail from shore. #NorthFloridaScouting @ St. Johns River Base 

Yoga above the water and Dragon Boats | Dr. Jeanne Bayaca | #OutdoorsClassrooms on the Water | Hawaii

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Yoga above the water! Exercise outdoors is the best! #stretch#yoga #sea #sun #surf #hawaii #honolulu#hawaii #oahu #wanderlust #travels#exercise #outdoors #huaweip10ph#huaweip10plus #huaweip10photography#boardyoga
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Dragon boat rowing practice. Loving the outdoors. #dragonboat #rowing#hawaii #honolulu #travels #wanderlust#outdoors #huaweip10ph #huaweip10plus#huaweip10photography

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Paddling from Torrey Pines to La Jolla Shores | Soraya Gonzalez Sherwin


I’ve been wanting to paddle from Torrey Pines to La Jolla Shores for quite sometime. I tried to do it once, but the waves were too strong and we quit after being thrown in the water for about one hour.

Today I drove by Torrey Pines beach on the way to La Jolla and decided to stop by to check out the water conditions. The tide was low, there was no wind, it was warm, sunny, and the waves were not too bad…

I was excited when I was able to go past the waves, and was surprised by a ‘fever’ of  stingrays that swam right under my board. I was thrilled!

My plan was to paddle a little south and then return to where I started…

A lonely pelican in the vast ocean…

Considering the possibility of paddling all the way to La Jolla since the water was so calm…

Taking a few minutes to admire the beauty of Torrey Pines Reserve from the ocean for the first time…
This fishing boat kept me going. I knew if something went wrong, somebody will notice.

2017 Jolla.png
Scripps Pier. A familiar place.

Even though this trip was not planned, I was prepared for it. I knew the opportunity was going to present itself someday, and I had to take it when it did. 

Soraya Gonzalez Sherwin

Four Weeks Later (Irma & the Keys) | Rusty Gardner | Florida By Water

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Many of you have asked about the Keys and how they are doing after Hurricane Irma. It has now been a little over four weeks since the storm made landfall at Cudjoe Key. On October 2nd, the Florida Keys and Key West officially reopened their doors to tourists. This past weekend, we took a look for ourselves to see how this tropical paradise is faring.

The areas from Marathon through Big Pine Key were hit hard. Mobile home parks and campground are now pretty much gone. Relief efforts are scattered throughout the area, and in many places, the landscape looks more like a war zone than a lush tropical island. Trash and debris line the roadways, piled as high as 20 feet in certain areas. Metal objects like washing machines and dryers are separated from yard trash and building materials. There is no doubt that this storm will provide a Darwinist approach to housing construction in the area — survival of the fittest. I assume that that the middle keys will evolve and become stronger because of the storm and that the less than desirable housing will eventually vanish. However, I do think it will be some time before this becomes evident.

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 3.01.45 PM

One thing I was not expecting was the lack of greenery. The shrubs that line most of US 1 are leafless as a result of the high winds, giving the small trees a dormant appearance. On the plus side, major businesses like banks, grocery stores, and gas stations are open. Roads are clear, and traffic flows freely despite the massive lines of dump trucks tasked with removing the trash from the islands. I did find it interesting to note that buildings with thatched roofs, mostly tiki bars, seemed to fare just fine.

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 3.02.39 PM

The north and south end of the island chain, Key West, and Key Largo are okay as well. Honestly, in Key West, if it weren’t for a little debris on the side streets, I would have never known there was a storm. Cruise ships are docking daily, filling the streets with the tourists that the economy so desires and needs. Duval Street and its bars are packed in true Key West fashion. Parasailing, jet skis, scooter rentals, and fishing charters are all open and active. At the end of the day, everyone gathers a Mallory Square for the sunset, just like they’ve done for years.

So if you’re thinking about a visiting Key West and the Florida Keys, now is a great time to visit. Go ahead and plan a trip. You may find a few inconveniences, but overall you’ll be surprised at how resilient the islands are. Just remember to tip a little more than usual. They’ve had a tough few weeks, and your support will be much appreciated.


Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 3.02.23 PM

Rusty Gardner 10-8-2017

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Jacksonville, FL: A City of Rivers and Bridges Connecting People

2014 10 Jax Bridges Hart
Hart Bridge, Jacksonville, Florida

St. Johns River flows under many bridges before reaching the sea. Jacksonville is a River City where rivers and bridges connect our citizens. Outdoors University is an informal and social academia with the mission of connecting outdoors learning adventures with people. We will share the places, events, and opportunities to learn outdoors. Be part of our outdoors learning adventures and share your lessons here. Contributors are always welcome and this site is always under construction. Like our Facebook page. 

Photo by @DrLepervanche. Professor of Management & Systems. SCA Survivor. TEDxFSCJ Organizer.  National Distinguished Scoutmaster @scoutmasterjose.  Global Learning News @globallearningnews.