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Yes, Totum is a valid student ID.

Is totum valid student ID

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Yes, Totum is indeed a valid student ID. Totum, formerly known as NUS Extra, is a widely recognized student discount card in the United Kingdom. It is accepted by numerous companies and institutions, making it a valuable tool for students to access various discounts and benefits.

Here are some interesting facts about Totum and its significance as a student ID:

  1. Totum is owned and operated by the National Union of Students (NUS) in the UK. It has been serving students since 2007, initially known as NUS Extra before rebranding as Totum in 2018.

  2. With over 200 partner brands, Totum offers exclusive discounts on a wide array of products and services, including fashion, technology, entertainment, travel, and more. Students can save money on essentials, such as groceries and textbooks, as well as enjoy discounts on leisure activities and entertainment.

  3. The Totum card is recognized by educational institutions, employers, and businesses across the UK, making it a universally accepted form of identification for students. It can be used to access student discounts both online and in physical stores.

  4. Apart from discounts, Totum also offers additional benefits to its cardholders. These include access to exclusive competitions, giveaways, and events, as well as money-saving offers on food and drinks.

To further emphasize the importance of student IDs and the benefits they provide, I would like to quote Nelson Mandela, who said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Student IDs like Totum play a vital role in making education more accessible and affordable for students, enabling them to fully embrace their academic journey while enjoying the perks of being a student.

In summary, Totum is a valid student ID that provides numerous benefits and discounts for students across the UK. It is widely recognized and accepted, making it an essential tool for any student looking to save money on various products and services.

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In this YouTube video, the speaker provides a step-by-step guide on how to order a student card from their website. They emphasize the need to visit the student card section and click on the blue button to initiate the order. They then explain the process of selecting an appropriate image, filling in personal information, including preferences for color and delivery options, and saving the information. The payment process is done through a net bank, and once the order is placed, it takes around two weeks for the card to arrive. An email notification will be sent to inform the user when the card is ready for pick-up or delivery.

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TOTUM is the only student discount, proof of age ID and campus life card and platform recommended by us at the National Union of Students.

Use your passport temporarily, get a provisional sorted, you can’t use a student ID as an official photo ID, especially not something like TOTUM.

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Consequently, What is valid student ID?
The response is: A valid student ID card implies that you have registered for courses at an educational institution, paid your tuition, and you currently attend classes. And the institution issues a coded student ID card for you, such as the one given below. It’s a sample of the official iStudy student ID card.

Moreover, Is Totum an international student card?
TOTUM, powered by NUS extra, has partnered with International Student Identify Card (ISIC) to give all TOTUM Student+ members a one-year membership to ISIC for no additional cost.

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Subsequently, Where can I use my Totum card?
The response is: Partners include:

  • McDonalds – Free saver menu item.
  • New Look – 10%
  • Superdrug – 10%
  • Stormrider – 10%
  • Treehouse – 10% (min. £10 spend)
  • Siop Y Pethe – 10%
  • Home – 10%
  • Llyfrau ystwyth books – 10%

In this way, Is Totum pro a student card?
TOTUM Professionals is our discount membership available to anyone who fits one of the following criteria: A part-time learner studying for a professional or accredited qualification. A current member of a recognised professional body / trade union.

Keeping this in consideration, Do I need a passport to join totum?
Answer: If you’re buying a TOTUM + ID card, which includes PASS accredited proof of age ID, then you’ll also need your passport or UK driving licence to hand, when completing your application via the app. But don’t worry, you can join TOTUM today and complete your ID application at a time convenient to you up to 21 days after buying your membership.

Beside above, Will University receive a totum card?
University will not receive Totum cards… University will not receive Totum cards for non-residents. When trying to get a replacement card I’m met with a £6.50 charge, which seems extort. No help from Totum on sorting this and in general the discounts seem no better than what you can get using the free student discounts sites.

One may also ask, Who endorsed totum?
TOTUM is endorsed bythe National Union of Students, student members also get a 12-month ISIC (International Student Identity Card) digital card as part of their bundle, available in the TOTUM app. And you can apply for PASS-accredited proof of age ID as well.

Keeping this in view, Does the totum + age ID card include a hologram?
In reply to that: The TOTUM + Age ID carddoes include the PASS hologram. Having a TOTUM + age ID card validates your name and age with your photo; we use either your during the online, in-app sign-up process. This means you don’t need to take your passport or driving licence out with you if you’re heading out for the day.

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Subsequently, What is totum student+?
Response to this: TOTUM Student+ is our paid membership which offers exclusive discounts not available to free members. This membership also includes a physical TOTUM Student card to redeem discounts in store, as well as other perks such as; option to add PASS proof of age ID free of charge, free tastecard membership and free ISIC membership!

What is a totum + ID card? As an answer to this: The TOTUM + ID card is accredited by PASS, which means it is part of the most popular and widely accepted form of proof of age ID in the UK. More retailers, pub chains and bars know and understand what the PASS hologram and logo means than any other form of ID card. How do you get a NUS card if you are not a student 2021?

Simply so, Is totum free?
As a response to this: Totum comes with a free one-year International Student Identity Card (ISIC) too – more on this, below. Unidays: this is an app rather than a plastic card, and it’s completely free to use. Anyone who’s 16+ and is studying at a university, sixth form or college can use it. Do clubs accept PASS cards?

How do I access my ISIC card if I’m a totum student+ member? Response to this: For more information about the ISIC international discounts available to you when you become a TOTUM Student+ member, head over to the ISIC website. Once you’ve joined TOTUM, you can access your ISIC card via the wallet in the TOTUM app. Your ISIC membership is not printed on your physical TOTUM card.

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