Your demand – what college degree Did Ronald Reagan have?

Ronald Reagan had a bachelor’s degree in economics from Eureka College.

What college degree Did Ronald Reagan have

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Ronald Reagan, the renowned American politician and the 40th President of the United States, held a bachelor’s degree in economics from Eureka College. As an influential figure in American politics, Reagan’s academic background in economics played a significant role in shaping his policies and approaches during his presidency.

Reagan’s choice of studying economics reflects his interest in understanding the intricacies of fiscal policies and their impact on the economy. This quote from Reagan himself sheds light on the importance of economics in his life: “Economics is too important to be left to the economists.”

Here are some interesting facts related to Ronald Reagan’s college degree and its influence on his career:

  1. Pursuit of Economics: Ronald Reagan initially enrolled at Eureka College in 1928 with the intention of studying sociology but later decided to switch to economics.

  2. Academic Success: Despite facing financial constraints and working multiple jobs to support himself through college, Reagan excelled academically and became the student body president during his time at Eureka College.

  3. Intellectual Development: Reagan acknowledged the profound influence of his economics courses in shaping his thinking and understanding of complex economic issues throughout his life.

  4. Speaking Engagements: Even during his time as an undergraduate student, Reagan developed strong oratory skills and became a prominent speaker on campus. His ability to articulate his thoughts and engage audiences laid the foundation for his future career as a confident communicator.


Major Economics
College Eureka College
Year of Graduation 1932
Positions held in college Student body president
Impact Shaped policymaking during presidency
Notable quote “Economics is too important to be left to the economists.”
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In summary, Ronald Reagan graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics from Eureka College. His academic background in economics greatly influenced his policies and approaches during his presidency, and he acknowledged the significance of economics in his life. Reagan’s success in academics, development of strong oratory skills, and impactful career make his college degree an important aspect of his overall journey.

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The YouTube video titled “How Reagan Caused the Student Debt Crisis” discusses how Ronald Reagan’s policies and actions contributed to the current student debt crisis in the United States. The video highlights how Reagan shifted the public narrative around higher education, portraying universities as problematic and reliant on public funds. As the Governor of California, he cut state funding for public universities and allowed colleges to increase fees for students, leading to decreased public spending on higher education nationwide. The video argues that Reagan’s emphasis on reducing deficit spending resulted in significant budget cuts for public higher education, ultimately rebranding these institutions as wasteful and debt-generating. This had long-lasting consequences and set the stage for the massive student debt burden faced by many today.

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After obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics and sociology from Eureka College in 1932, Reagan took a job in Davenport, Iowa, as a sports broadcaster for four football games in the Big Ten Conference. He then worked for WHO radio in Des Moines as a broadcaster for the Chicago Cubs.

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