This map provides general locations of major fires burning in California. The fire locations are approximates. Some of the fires on the map are not in the jurisdiction of CAL FIRE and are under the command of another local or federal fire agency.

While Californians are learning more and more about the good as well as the bad of fire, the prevention of large, damaging fires remains a priority for CAL FIRE. From Smokey Bear, to the thousands of CAL FIRE Volunteers in Prevention (VIPs), to new alliances with communities, private industry, and government agencies, aggressive action in fire prevention and fire safety is occurring throughout the State.




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Many of you have asked about the Keys and how they are doing after Hurricane Irma. It has now been a little over four weeks since the storm made landfall at Cudjoe Key. On October 2nd, the Florida Keys and Key West officially reopened their doors to tourists. This past weekend, we took a look for ourselves to see how this tropical paradise is faring.

The areas from Marathon through Big Pine Key were hit hard. Mobile home parks and campground are now pretty much gone. Relief efforts are scattered throughout the area, and in many places, the landscape looks more like a war zone than a lush tropical island. Trash and debris line the roadways, piled as high as 20 feet in certain areas. Metal objects like washing machines and dryers are separated from yard trash and building materials. There is no doubt that this storm will provide a Darwinist approach to housing construction in the area — survival of the fittest. I assume that that the middle keys will evolve and become stronger because of the storm and that the less than desirable housing will eventually vanish. However, I do think it will be some time before this becomes evident.

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 3.01.45 PM

One thing I was not expecting was the lack of greenery. The shrubs that line most of US 1 are leafless as a result of the high winds, giving the small trees a dormant appearance. On the plus side, major businesses like banks, grocery stores, and gas stations are open. Roads are clear, and traffic flows freely despite the massive lines of dump trucks tasked with removing the trash from the islands. I did find it interesting to note that buildings with thatched roofs, mostly tiki bars, seemed to fare just fine.

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 3.02.39 PM

The north and south end of the island chain, Key West, and Key Largo are okay as well. Honestly, in Key West, if it weren’t for a little debris on the side streets, I would have never known there was a storm. Cruise ships are docking daily, filling the streets with the tourists that the economy so desires and needs. Duval Street and its bars are packed in true Key West fashion. Parasailing, jet skis, scooter rentals, and fishing charters are all open and active. At the end of the day, everyone gathers a Mallory Square for the sunset, just like they’ve done for years.

So if you’re thinking about a visiting Key West and the Florida Keys, now is a great time to visit. Go ahead and plan a trip. You may find a few inconveniences, but overall you’ll be surprised at how resilient the islands are. Just remember to tip a little more than usual. They’ve had a tough few weeks, and your support will be much appreciated.


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Rusty Gardner 10-8-2017

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How can you study Mars without a spaceship? Head to the most Martian place on Earth — the Atacama Desert in Chile. Astrobiologist Armando Azua-Bustos grew up in this vast, arid landscape and now studies the rare life forms that have adapted to survive there, some in areas with no reported rainfall for the past 400 years. Explore the possibility of finding life elsewhere in the universe without leaving the planet with this quick, funny talk.

Watch also animated video about a “Drone-based Medical Delivery System” after his talk.


Morella Koifman and Raul Sotillo continue their trip to the West Coast of the USA. Here is an update after arriving to Colorado and Utah. #sotillooverlanding2017

Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado

Arches National Park. Moab, Utah


[ESP] A la ciudad de Avila llegamos en automovil desde Malaga por el Oeste de España pasando por bellos paisajes cerca de la ciudad de Merida y luego montañas con grandes precipicios en la Serranía de Gredos. Estas montañas nos recordaron a los Andes Venezolanos y pudimos observar las vacas negras Avileñas cuando las estaban arreando y llevando a sus establos en el atardecer.

Al llegar a Avila fue una bellisima sorpresa la visión de una ciudad amurallada tan grande, era de noche y estaba iluminada. Ávila es mundialmente famosa y admirada por ésta muralla medieval que la rodea. Otra agradable sorpresa fué el hotel donde nos hospedamos dentro de la muralla y denominado “Palacio de Monjaraz”. Este hotel es un proyecto familiar, que en la actualidad dá continuidad a la adquisición y rehabilitación de ésta Casa – Palacio. El Palacio de Monjaraz es un hotel con encanto, cada una de sus estancias lo trasladan a uno a otra época, cada rincón de ésta casa tiene su historia, su leyenda y su singular belleza inducen a la reflexión y el bienestar. Perfecto para una escapada romántica. 

Avila es la capital de provincia más alta de España, con 1.182 metros de altitud, y la cuarta ciudad de Europa. Tiene un perímetro de más de 2.500 metros con 87 torreones. Si de día resulta espectacular, la panorámica de esta ciudad amurallada es sorprende durante la noche y el atardecer desde los conocidos Cuatro Postes, un mirador privilegiado para el visitante.

Avila es famosa tambien por La iglesia levantada sobre la casa natal de Teresa de Cepeda y Ahumada (Santa Teresa de Avila). La Iglesia forma un conjunto con el convento carmelitano y por debajo se encuentra la gran cripta abovedada de enterramientos, actual museo teresiano y única dentro de la arquitectura religiosa española.

En el más puro estilo Barroco Carmelitano, la iglesia tiene planta de cruz latina con nave central y capillas laterales, cuatro por banda. Con el Altar mayor al Noroeste, no sigue la orientación litúrgica establecida, alteración que responde al hecho de hacer coincidir el presbiterio con los aposentos donde nacería Teresa de Jesús. En el brazo derecho del crucero se abre el acceso a la capilla de Santa Teresa, coincidente con estancias de la residencia paterna, y, enfrente, la “huertecilla donde la Santa hacía sus ermitas”.

La fachada, planteada a manera de retablo, se organiza en tres cuerpos, destacando la imagen de la Santa, en mármol, y los escudos de los Cepeda y Ahumada, la Orden de los Carmelitas descalzos, el del Conde Duque de Olivares, el de Intendencia y el de Doctora de la Iglesia. En la misma plaza, se encuentra la Sala de las Reliquias y una pequeña tienda de recuerdos. En 1886, iglesia y convento son declarados Monumento Histórico.

En Avila tambien nos reencontramos con nuestros amigos Jacqueline y Willi , con quienes almorzamos y probamos el Chuleton Avileño y al dia siguiente nos invitaron a su casa a comer unas deliciosas arepas venezolanas que ya nos hacian falta.

June 25, 2017

We arrived to the city of Avila by car from Malaga West of Spain passing through beautiful landscapes near the city of Merida and then mountains with great precipices in the”Serranía de Gredos”. These mountains reminded us to the Venezuelan Andes and we saw the black cows Avilenas when they were herding and leading to their stables in the sunset.

Arriving at Avila was a beautiful surprise the vision of a walled city, it was night and was lit. Avila is worldwide famous and admired by the medieval wall that surrounds it. Another pleasant surprise was the hotel where we stayed within the wall and known as “Palace of Monjaraz”. This hotel is a family project, which currently gives continuity to the acquisition and rehabilitation of this House – Palace. Monjaraz Palace is a hotel with charm, each of its rooms they move one to another era, every corner of this House has its history, its legend and its singular beauty induce reflection and welfare. Perfect for a romantic getaway.

Avila is the capital of highest province of Spain, 1182 meters in altitude, and the fourth largest city in Europe. It has a perimeter of more than 2,500 meters with 87 towers. If day is spectacular, the panoramic view of this walled city is surprised at night and sunset from the well known four poles, a viewpoint for the visitor.

Avila is famous also for the church built on the birthplace of Teresa de Cepeda y Ahumada (St. Teresa of Avila). The Church forms a set with the Carmelite convent and below great vaulted crypt burials, is current teresiano and unique museum within the Spanish religious architecture.

In Carmelite Baroque style, the Church has Latin cross plan with nave and side chapels, four per band. With the main Altar to the Northwest, does not follow the established liturgical orientation, alteration that responds to the fact to match the presbytery with the quarters where he would be born Teresa de Jesús. On the right arm of the transept opens access to the chapel of Santa Teresa, coincident with the paternal residence stays, and, opposite, the “huertecilla where the Santa made his hermitages”.

The façade, posed as an altarpiece, is organised in three bodies, highlighting the image of the Saint, in marble, and the shields of the Cepeda and smoked, the order of Carmelites Discalced, of the count-Duke of Olivares, the quartermaster and doctor of the Church. In the same square, lies the Hall of relics and a small souvenir shop. In 1886, Church and convent are declared historical monument.

In Avila we also met with our friends Jacqueline and Willi, with whom we had lunch and we ate the famous “Chuletón Avileño” and the next day we were invited to their house to eat some delicious Venezuelan arepas which already we were missing.

We will follow our Outdoors University collaborator Soraya Gonzalez Sherwin during her ninth year participating in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day. She joined this movement in 2009 because she felt a strong connection to its purpose right after she received negative breast cancer results from a needle biopsy and MRI.

“Next weekend I need to walk 17 miles on Saturday 10/14 and 13 miles on Sunday 10/15. If anybody in San Diego is interested in joining me, please message me. I will be leaving from my house on both days. Saturday, I’ll go to La Jolla Shores via Torrey Pines. On Sunday, I will go towards Cardiff via Del Mar.”

Here is the link to Soraya’s page.

My daughter Nicole decided to join the fight, and together we created the team 013. Here is the link to our team page:

Please take a few minutes to read about our motivation, and consider to make a donation if you are able to do to. Here is the link to Nicole’s page.


via 2017 San Diego 3-Day: Mrs. Soraya Gonzalez Sherwin – The Susan G. Komen 3-Day


“… and what if the road ends, if suddenly we find some obstacle that prevents us from following the journey? … we will have to go around the place, look for some shortcut, climb maybe … or risk” field naughty “, but how to follow! The route puts us tests and believe me that there really is when the adventure begins The road is the message! (From my second trip through South America, Cafayate-Salta route, Argentina).

[ESP] “…y qué si se acaba el camino, si de repente nos encontramos algún obstaculo que nos impide seguir el viaje?…pues habrá que rodear el lugar, buscar algún atajo, escalar quiza…o arriesgarnos a “campo traviesa”, pero como sea seguir!. La ruta nos pone pruebas y creanme que ahi es realmente cuando comienza la aventura. El camino es el mensaje!”
(De mi segundo viaje por suramerica, ruta Cafayate- Salta, Argentina).

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He visited numerous Scout Groups during his trips. Once a Scout, always a Scout is a motto that global scouts remember. A Scout always find fellow Scouts in other countries.

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The Association of Guides and Scouts of Costa Rica, after the declaration of national emergency and the ravages caused by Tropical Storm Nate in the country, activated this Saturday, October 7, “OPERATION ALWAYS READY”. More than 200 groups guides and scouts joined the voluntary work in each of their communities with the collection, classification and packaging of non-perishable products, drinking water and personal hygiene products, throughout the 7 provinces of the country. They have been delivered to the Cross Roja Costa Rican government mandate.

Guías y Scouts de Costa Rica colaboran en emergencia nacional
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Cientos de Guías  y Scouts  recaudan alimentos no perecederos, agua potable y productos de higiene personal este fin de semana.
La Asociación de Guías y Scouts de Costa Rica tras la declaratoria de emergencia nacional y los estragos causados por la tormenta tropical Nate en el país, activó este sábado 7 de octubre la “Operación SIEMPRE LISTOS”, en donde más de 200 grupos guías y scouts se sumaron al trabajo voluntario en cada una de sus comunidades con la recolección, clasificación y embalaje de productos no perecederos, agua potable y productos de higiene personal, a lo largo y ancho de las 7 provincias del país, que han sido entregadas a la Cruz Roja Costarricense como mandato gubernamental.
Niños y jóvenes entre los 7 y 21 años han salido a las calles de sus comunidades para colaborar con esta causa en pro de los afectados por este desastre natural. En la comunidad de Bagaces varios grupos cercanos se han acercado a colaborar en los albergues en donde miembros de los grupos guías y scouts también se han visto afectados y son damnificados. Así como grupos guías y scouts de comunidades afectadas también se han sumado a la operación Siempre Listos, en sectores como Pérez Zeledón, Quepos, Cuajiniquil, Bebedero, Corralillo, Jacó, entre otros.

via Guías y Scouts de Costa Rica colaboran en emergencia nacional | Patio Scout – ¡Vive El Movimiento!

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#OutdoorsData. Be Prepared for #Earthquakes#EmergencyPreparedness #Survival ==> Check out this new SOS dataset of all the earthquakes from 2001 through 2015 from the US NWS Pacific Tsunami Warning Center!

” This animation shows every recorded earthquake in sequence as they occurred from January 1, 2001, through December 31, 2015, at a rate of 30 days per second. The earthquake hypocenters first appear as flashes then remain as colored circles before shrinking with time so as not to obscure subsequent earthquakes. The size of the circle represents the earthquake magnitude while the color represents its depth within the earth. At the end of the animation it will first show all quakes in this 15-year period. Next, it will show only those earthquakes greater than magnitude 6.5, the smallest earthquake size known to make a tsunami. Finally it will only show those earthquakes with magnitudes of magnitude 8.0 or larger, the “great” earthquakes most likely to pose a tsunami threat when they occur under the ocean or near a coastline and when they are shallow within the earth (less than 100 km or 60 mi. deep).”

Discussion Questions: How do you prepared for earthquakes in your community? What are the most important #EmergencyPreparedness measures do you take to protect your family? Learn about your local #DisasterPlans. Share a link to your local Emergency Operations Center.

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