“A 115 de Santiago! Cada vez más cerca…” – Pablo Cigoy.

115.653 kilometers to Santiago de Compostela. His photos are showing a variety of important outdoors lessons. You have to have the proper equipment, make new friends and help each other, and get inspired. It is a time to pray, meditate, and get connected to the important things of life. Buen Camino.



Melissa Kay Thompson is hiking in the MST (Mountains to Sea Trail) in North Carolina and taking amazing photos. It was a challenge to pick three to feature them here. See all of Day 3 photos below. We like the last photo when she shows her food. Keep hiking. 🙂

Important lesson from Melissa: 

Finally, making new friends is part of #LongTrails experience.


“Happy trails to you Melissa. It was fun catching up. — in West Jefferson, North Carolina.” – Luke Whichard


 The Mountains-to-Sea Trail is a simple footpath stretching almost 1,200 miles across North Carolina from Clingmans Dome in the Great Smoky Mountains to Jockey’s Ridge on the Outer Banks.


[ESP] 😮Pontevedra fue una ciudad que me sorprendió bastante porque me imaginaba visitar algo mínimo y resultó ser bastante grande y bonita 😍 Aunque no pude captar buenas imágenes que reflejen lo que ahí vi 📷les puedo asegurar que es un sitio que vale mucho la pena visitar 👍🏽 Me hubiese gustado incluso pasar una noche pero tuve que sacrificarla tras haber pasado 6 días en Santiago de Compostela 😊 El camino debía continuar 🚴🏽

[ENG] 😮 Pontevedra was a city that surprised me in a good way. I was expecting something small and I found a big and beautiful city 😍Although I couldn’t capture good pictures that show the essence of what I saw 📷 I can tell you that is worth it to visit 👍🏽 I would have loved to spend a night in it, but I couldn’t after spending 6 days in Santiago de Compostela 😊 I had to keep going 🚴🏽
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See all his photos of Pontevedra below:

Scouts learned during 2015 World Scout Jamboree how Japan handle their recyclables. Troop had to divide trash into eight different parts (combustible, non combustible, hard plastic, soft plastic, aluminum, other metals, hard cartons, and paper). They later divided again into sixteen parts to be separately carried out of the Jamboree site.

During our tours to villages, cities, and parks, we were able to see different kind of recycling bins.

Primitive camping. Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado. 

Sharing resources and spaces. 


Melissa K. Thompson continues her long trail. Mountains to Sea Trail (MST), North Carolina

They hibernate for centuries and then come back to life! They make their own antifreeze and their own sunscreen! You’ll never look at moss the same way again. If you’ve ever had difficulty keeping a houseplant alive, imagine trying to grow anything in Antarctica. The sun shines 24/7 in the summer and then vanishes in…

via The extraordinary Antarctic plants with superhero powers — ideas.ted.com

Report from Ponteferrada.

“Hola!! Ya estoy En Ponferrada! … En El albergue por comer e ir a descansar, mañana otros 30 km solo faltan 209km! 😄”


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Following Melissa Kay Thompson #LongTrains . Mountains to Sea Trail (MST), North Carolin.  ==> Day 1 Stone Mountain to Bluff Mountain (18 Miles)