Asked by you — who won the 1966 NCAA Tournament?

The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) won the 1966 NCAA Tournament.

Who won the 1966 NCAA Tournament

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In 1966, the NCAA Tournament was won by the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), marking a significant milestone in college basketball history. The victory by UTEP, then known as Texas Western College, captured national attention as the first all-black starting lineup to win the NCAA championship. This pivotal moment shifted the dynamics of the game and challenged racial barriers in sports.

To quote renowned basketball coach and commentator Hubie Brown, “1966 Texas Western started five African-Americans, and Kentucky started five Caucasians. This was unheard of at the time. No one would dare go against Kentucky without five Caucasians.” The matchup between UTEP and the University of Kentucky’s Wildcats symbolized more than just a basketball contest; it represented the struggle for equality and the power of inclusivity in sports.

Here are some interesting facts about the 1966 NCAA Tournament:

  1. The championship game took place on March 19, 1966, at Cole Field House in College Park, Maryland.
  2. Texas Western’s historic victory came under the leadership of coach Don Haskins, who boldly chose to field an all-black starting lineup despite facing backlash and skepticism.
  3. The opposing Kentucky team, coached by Adolph Rupp, consisted entirely of white players, reflecting the prevailing racial dynamics of the era.
  4. The final score of the game was Texas Western 72, Kentucky 65, solidifying UTEP’s victory and establishing a new era of college basketball.
  5. UTEP’s starting lineup, comprised of Bobby Joe Hill, Orsten Artis, Willie Worsley, Willie Cager, and David Lattin, showcased their immense talent and highlighted the potential for diversity on the court.
  6. The victory not only had a profound impact on college basketball but also played a significant role in the ongoing Civil Rights Movement, inspiring athletes and challenging societal norms.
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Here is a table illustrating the starting lineups of both teams:

University of Texas at El Paso (Texas Western College) University of Kentucky
Bobby Joe Hill (G) Tommy Kron (G)
Orsten Artis (G) Larry Conley (F)
Willie Worsley (G) Thad Jaracz (F)
Willie Cager (F) Pat Riley (F)
David Lattin (C) Louie Dampier (G)

The victory by Texas Western in the 1966 NCAA Tournament remains a milestone in college basketball, demonstrating the power of breaking down racial barriers and promoting diversity in sports. It serves as a constant reminder that in the pursuit of greatness, unity triumphs over segregation.

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The 1966 Texas Western Miners men’s basketball team, who won the national championship while starting five black players, had a major impact on the integration of public institutions in the South. At the time, major college athletic conferences were still mainly white. Despite dealing with racism, the team persevered and won the championship, opening doors for African-American basketball players to be recruited across the United States. The team was enshrined in the Basketball Hall of Fame and is being recognized at the 2021 Final Four.

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Thematic fact: There were three new venues used in the 1966 tournament. The tournament made its first-ever appearance in Los Angeles when Pauley Pavilion on the campus of UCLA hosted the West regional rounds. The first round in the East was held in the state of Virginia for the first time, at Cassell Coliseum on the campus of Virginia Tech.

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Who beat Kentucky in 1966?

Texas Western College
It was March 19, 1966, the night a team with five black starters made history by winning a national championship. Texas Western College, now UTEP, defeated the University of Kentucky.

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Who did Texas Western lose to in 1966?

As an answer to this: Texas Western entered 1966–67 ranked second in the country, and remained in the top 10 throughout the season. The Miners were defeated by Pacific in their second NCAA tournament game and finished at 22–6. That year, the school was renamed to the University of Texas at El Paso, its current name.

Is Glory Road based on true story?

Glory Road is a 2006 American sports drama film directed by James Gartner, based on a true story surrounding the events leading to the 1966 NCAA University Division Basketball Championship.

When Texas Western beat Kentucky in the 1966 NCAA championship game?

Texas Western (March 19, 1966) COLLEGE PARK, Md., March 19 — Texas Western, overlooked in preseason ratings last December, became the collegiate basketball champion for the first time by whipping long-time powerful Kentucky, 72-65, tonight in the final of the National Collegiate Athletic Association tournament.

When was the 1966 NCAA University Division basketball championship game?

Answer will be: The 1966 NCAA University Division basketball championship game was the final of the 1966 NCAA University Division basketball tournament and determined the national champion in the 1965–66 NCAA University Division men’s basketball season. [a] The game was held onMarch 19, 1966 at Cole Field House in College Park, Maryland.

Did Texas Western win the 1966 NCAA championship?

Answer to this: The 1966 NCAA tournament was a landmark event in the history of American sports as Texas Western, which started five African-Americans players for the first time in championship game history, beat Kentucky to win the national title. Texas Western won 72-65 in the title game.

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Where was the 1967 NCAA tournament played?

The answer is: The 1967 NCAA tournament featured 23 teams and the national championship was played inside Freedom Hall in Louisville, Kentucky. Click or tap here for printable bracket. Here are the 1967 NCAA tournament leaders (number of games in parentheses):

Was Texas Western a pioneer in college basketball?

As a response to this: In College Park, Maryland on March 19, 1966, underdog Texas Western College defeats Kentucky, 72-65, in the NCAA men’s college basketball final—the first NCAA title for an all-Black starting five. “I wasn’t out to be a pioneer when we played Kentucky,” Texas Western coach Don Haskins told the Los Angeles Times years later.

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