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Approximately 26,000 students attend the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

How many students go to UWM

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The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) has a vibrant and diverse student community, attracting individuals from various backgrounds and disciplines. As of the most recent data available, approximately 26,000 students go to UWM. This figure encompasses both undergraduate and graduate students, making it a bustling hub of intellectual engagement and personal growth.

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  1. Wide range of academic programs: UWM offers over 180 degree programs across various fields of study, including business, engineering, education, health sciences, arts, and sciences. This diverse academic landscape allows students to explore their interests and pursue their passions.

  2. Commuter-friendly campus: UWM is known for its commuter-friendly campus, with a significant portion of its student population residing off-campus. This creates a unique dynamic, continuously fostering connections between students both on and off campus.

  3. Research opportunities abound: UWM is a top research university, offering numerous opportunities for students to engage in groundbreaking research across various disciplines. This hands-on experience allows students to collaborate with esteemed faculty members and contribute to advancements in their respective fields.

  4. Emphasis on community engagement: UWM takes pride in its commitment to community engagement, offering numerous service-learning initiatives and volunteer programs. Students have the opportunity to connect with the local community, make a positive impact, and broaden their perspective beyond the classroom.

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To provide a visually appealing and organized representation, here is a table showcasing the enrollment statistics for UWM across different academic levels:

Academic Level Number of Students
Undergraduate 20,000
Graduate 6,000
Total 26,000

In conclusion, UWM is home to a thriving student body of approximately 26,000 individuals. With its diverse academic programs, commitment to research and community engagement, UWM provides a fertile ground for students to pursue their educational aspirations, contribute to society, and shape their future.

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The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) is a public urban research university in Wisconsin, offering a variety of programs including bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. It is ranked around 800 in the QS World Rankings. UWM has top programs in architecture, MBA, computer science, and English literature. Eligibility requirements vary depending on the degree, with entrance test scores and transcripts being among the necessary documents. Application fees range from $25 for undergraduate programs to $75 for master’s programs. Tuition fees can range from $20,000 to $40,000, although there are scholarships available to help cover these costs. Both on-campus and off-campus accommodation options are offered by the university.

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Did you know that, Its main campus is located in a tree-filled, student-friendly, residential neighborhood in Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s largest city. Offering over 200 academic programs, the university is home to 23,000 students from more than 80 countries, including 1,000 international students. Some of UWM’s popular courses include
Interesting: The university is the only one in Wisconsin to have architecture, freshwater sciences, and public health schools. It also offers the only American Sign Language program in the state. Read More. Consectetur, dignissimos non. Read More. The university is home to 26,167 students who come from different walks of life to research and present something new and different to the world.

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How many students does UWM have? The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee provides an affordable, world-class education to 23,000 students from 92 countries.

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Then, Is UWM a big school? Wisconsin – Milwaukee is an above-average public university located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is a large institution with an enrollment of 15,864 undergraduate students. The Wisconsin – Milwaukee acceptance rate is 89%.

Keeping this in consideration, Is UWM a Tier 1 school?
Answer will be: UWM is one of only 115 universities in the nation – and there are more than 4,600 post-secondary institutions in the U.S. – to be considered to be top-tier research institutions. This is inspiring, gratifying and serves as validation of the remarkable impact of UWM’s faculty, staff and students.

Subsequently, What major is UWM known for?
As an answer to this: The most popular majors at University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee include: Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services; Health Professions and Related Programs; Visual and Performing Arts; Engineering; Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services; Education; Psychology; Communication, Journalism

Consequently, How many students are at UWM? UWM total enrollment is approximately 24,565 students. 16,620 are undergraduates and 2,645 are graduate students. The full-time UWM undergraduate population is made up of 54% women, and 46% men. For the gender breakdown for all students, go here. See racial/ethnic breakdown for all students.

One may also ask, How many degrees does the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee offer?
As of the 2015–2016 school year, the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee had an enrollment of 27,156, with 1,604 faculty members, offering191 degree programs, including 94 bachelor ‘s, 64 master ‘s and 33 doctorate degrees. The university is classified among "R1: Doctoral Universities – Highest research activity".

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Also, Is uwm a good school?
UWM also offers a range of programs for lifelong learners of all ages, such as certificates for professionals, class auditing opportunities for retirees and pre-college summer programs for students in grades K-12. UWM is home to 15 NCAA Division 1 teams that share 150 conference championships and 65 NCAA Tournament appearances.

Similarly one may ask, How do I find out more about UWM? Learn more about UWM by searching our database of facts. Use the keyword search and filters to narrow your results. Select information is available in the UWM Fact Sheet. Having trouble finding the data you’re looking for?

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