Is joe burrow the best college qb ever?

Opinions on whether Joe Burrow is the best college QB ever vary, as it is subjective and depends on personal criteria of evaluation. However, his exceptional performance in the 2019 season, winning the Heisman Trophy and leading LSU to a national championship, certainly places him among the all-time greats.

Is Joe Burrow the best college QB ever

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The question of whether Joe Burrow is the best college quarterback ever has sparked extensive debates among football enthusiasts and analysts. While it is subjective and open to interpretation, assessing his performance and impact in the 2019 season sheds light on his claim to greatness.

One piece of evidence supporting Burrow’s candidacy as the best college quarterback ever is his extraordinary performance during the 2019 season. He not only won the Heisman Trophy but also guided Louisiana State University (LSU) to a national championship, showcasing incredible leadership and delivering exceptional results on the field. As ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit stated, “It’s the best season of any quarterback ever from start to finish, in my opinion.”

To further illustrate Burrow’s greatness, let’s explore some intriguing facts about his outstanding collegiate career:

  1. Record-breaking stats: Burrow set numerous records in the 2019 season, including the most touchdown passes thrown in a single season (60) and the highest passer efficiency rating (202), surpassing the previous records held by former Oklahoma quarterback, Kyler Murray.
  2. Unmatched accuracy: Burrow’s completion percentage in 2019 was an impressive 76.3%, illustrating his exceptional accuracy as a passer. This remarkable level of precision allowed him to consistently find his targets and move the chains effectively.
  3. Dominance against top teams: Burrow’s ability to perform at an elite level against highly ranked opponents is a testament to his greatness. Throughout the 2019 season, he faced seven top-10 teams, including perennial powerhouses Alabama, Auburn, and Georgia, and emerged victorious in all those matchups.
  4. Leadership and poise: Beyond his on-field achievements, Burrow’s leadership qualities and composure in pressure situations were exceptional. He consistently rallied his team, displayed great decision-making, and remained calm under intense scrutiny, earning him the respect of teammates and coaches alike.
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Although quantifying Burrow’s greatness in comparison to other legendary college quarterbacks is challenging, his sensational 2019 season undeniably cements his place among the all-time greats. As Joe Tessitore, an ABC/ESPN play-by-play announcer, remarked, “Joe Burrow is now one of the all-time great quarterbacks in the history of college football.” However, the debate surrounding the best college quarterback ever will likely continue, as new talents emerge and redefine the standards of excellence.

Below is a table showcasing some of the remarkable records achieved by Joe Burrow during his historic 2019 season as a college quarterback:

Record Achievement
Most TD passes 60
Highest passer rating 202
Completion percentage 76.3%
Undefeated vs. Top 10 Victorious in all 7 matchups

*Disclaimer: The information presented in this text is based on available facts and opinions in football discussions.

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In the YouTube video titled “Joe Burrow – Heisman Highlights ᴴᴰ,” Joe Burrow’s exceptional skills as the quarterback for LSU are showcased. His accuracy, strong throwing abilities, and ability to make plays on the run are highlighted as he connects with his receivers for multiple touchdowns. Burrow’s leadership and performance throughout the season are described as amazing, making it clear why he is a Heisman candidate. Additionally, the video mentions Burrow breaking records and being appreciated by fans and his family for his contributions to the team.

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247Sports ranked the top 16 transfer quarterbacks of all time and Burrow came in at No. 1 on their list. The former LSU Tigers standout started his college career at Ohio State before spending his final two seasons in Baton Rouge.

He capped his fairytale story by producing the greatest individual season ever for a college football quarterback. Burrow posted 5,671 passing yards — third all-time — and a single-season record 60 touchdown passes, breaking the previous record of 58 set by Colt Brennan in 2006.

Joe Burrow put a bow on the greatest college football season we’ve ever seen as he led the LSU Tigers past Clemson to win the National Championship. Call him the maestro because LSU quarterback Joe Burrow orchestrated the best single-season in college football history.

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Interesting fact: Burrow also became the first-ever Cincinnati Bengal to throw for 500 or more yards in a game. His 525 yards were good enough for the fourth-most in a game in all-time NFL history. Burrow sits behind Norm Van Brocklin (554), Matt Schaub (527), and Warren Moon (527). Not bad for a guy in his second season.
Interesting fact: Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow had a first half that would be considered an amazing four quarters, throwing for 345 yards in the first 30 minutes of the ballgame. The Joe Burrow-Ja’Marr Chase connection was on full display in New Orleans, as the Cincinnati Bengals defeated the Saints on Sunday afternoon.
Did you know that, Joe Burrow He is a young star for the Cincinnati Bengals, who defined his dream at a very young age as he comes from a long lineage in athletics. After realizing that their son had a future in football, Burrow’s father trained him as a coach to bring out the best in him.

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Furthermore, Is Joe Burrow the best college QB of all time?
The answer is: ESPN released a list of the 75 best quarterbacks in college football since 2000, and Joe Burrow is fifth on the list. After transferring from Ohio State, Burrow became a star at LSU.

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Who was the best college football QB ever?
Response will be: 1. Tim Tebow. Tim Tebow is arguably the best college quarterback of all time. During his tenure at the University of Florida, he achieved 9,285 passing yards, 88 passing touchdowns, 2,947 rushing yards, and 57 rushing touchdowns.

Is Joe Burrow the best LSU player ever?
Answer to this: Burrow has been crowned the greatest to ever play at LSU by football fans all over the country. In 2018 Burrow played his first season with LSU, where he led the team to a No. 6 ranking in the AP top-25 poll, a 10-3 record and earned SEC Offensive Player of the Week honors two times in three weeks.

Accordingly, Who was Joe Burrow’s favorite player? Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow, whose favorite baseball player growing up is the Reds’ Ken Griffey Jr., kept tacking on to his own legend this week when he heralded the arrival of the guy who could be the next Cincinnati icon with his four batting practice homers at Great American Ballpark.

In this manner, Is Joe Burrow the best quarterback of all time?
As a response to this: It was the best offense of all time, the best team of all time, and the best quarterback of all time. Burrow became the first Heisman winner at LSU since Billy Cannon in 1959.

How good was Joe Burrow at LSU?
At LSU, Burrow went 25-3, including a 15-0 national championship season in the 2019 campaign. Here are some of the notable records and statistical rankings set by Burrow in college: What were some of Joe Burrow’s best games in college? Here are some of Burrow’s most notable performances in college:

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Thereof, Who are the best college football quarterbacks of all time? Answer will be: The Greatest College Football Quarterbacks of All Time 1 Tim Tebow. 2 Peyton Manning. 3 Cam Newton. 4 Vince Young. 5 DeShaun Watson. 6 Johnny Manziel. 7 Roger Staubach. 8 Michael Vick. 9 Drew Brees. 10 Joe Burrow. More items…

Then, Is Josh burrow a viable NFL starter? Answer will be: But that’s exactly the time Burrow needed in order to prove himself a viable NFL starter. In his second season in Baton Rouge, Burrow exploded to complete one of the most impressive individual seasons of all time, leading the Tigers to their first College Football Playoff championship and becoming the No. 1 overall pick of the 2020 NFL Draft.

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