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  Melissa Kay Thompson is hiking in the MST (Mountains to Sea Trail) in North Carolina and taking amazing photos. It was a challenge to pick three to feature them here. See all of Day 3 photos below. We like the last photo when she shows her food. Keep hiking. 🙂 Important lesson from Melissa:  Finally, making new friends is part of #LongTrails experience.  The Mountains-to-Sea Trail is a simple footpath stretching… Read More

Following Melissa Kay Thompson #LongTrains . Mountains to Sea Trail (MST), North Carolin.  ==> Day 1 Stone Mountain to Bluff Mountain (18 Miles)

Melissa Kay Thompson is a personal trainer who likes physical fitness, healthy style-life, adventures, hikes, and backpacking. We are going to share lessons from her long trails including the #AppalachianTrail. She is now traveling with her husband Mark Thompson to explore Colorado. Stay tune.

One day Mark Thompson decided to leave the city and he moved to the mountains in North Caroline. We have followed his hikes, backpacking journeys, car trips, photos and videos. He was not alone, his wife Melissa Kay Thompson went with him. These are their  outdoors lessons from the Appalachian Trail and many other forests. This was our first selection of photos. #BarrenMountain #AppalachianTrail #ExploringMaine Update: We are using these photos and… Read More