Kayaking Around Ten Thousand Island / Florida / Dr. David S. Chen

With paddlers from the Southwest Florida Kayakers group at Cape Romano  Blessed with good weather and friends, I paddled with the Southwest Florida Kayakers to the Dome Home near Cape Romano today. So fortunate to be able to do this at this time of the year! Dr. David S. Chen. Original photo by Bob Langbauer

The Dome Houses at Marco Island, Florida | Dr. David S. Chen

  The Dome Houses at Marco Island. Live report by Dr. David S. Chen. #kayaking ==> Amazing kayaking adventure today as 8 intrepid sea kayakers paddled 12 miles round trip through strong winds, waves and current to see the remains of the Dome Houses off Cape Romano South of Marco Island, FL. #SFP #SFPaddlers #SouthFloridaPaddlers …