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Ani Gonzalez is an artist and writer who lives in Benalmadena near Malaga, Spain. She writes, paints and travels to beautiful destinations. Visit her posts in Prague and Benalmadena. Advertisements

Pablo Cigoy is a Scouter from Scouts Argentina who traveled from Mexico, Central America, and Latin America as one of #ViajerosScouts. He visited numerous Scout Groups. This year he traveled to several countries in Europe and decided to hike the #CaminoDeSantiago. He sent several photos and later decided that he did not wanted to be distracted in ‘el camino’. “It is too powerful”. We agree , it is an unique powerful hiking… Read More

El Monasterio de San Miguel de Aralar Desde el Monte Aralar Los bosques de la Sierra de Aralar Sierra de Aralar Dia de San Miguel Arcangel [ESP] Pedro San Miguel  El arcángel Miguel (en hebreo, מיכאל‎ (Mija-El, Mikaiyáh o Mijaiá), ‘¿Quién como Dios?’; en árabe, ميخائيل (Mījā’īl); en griego antiguo, Μιχαήλ Mijaíl; en latín, Michael o Michahel) es el Jefe de los Ejércitos de Dios en las religiones judía, islámica y cristiana… Read More