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Ron Davis is Walking With Jordan in The Philippines. Outdoors highlights of a Mission of Love. See all photos in Ron Davis’ Facebook page and  follow the Jordan Davis Foundation. Photos by Ron Davis, Lakesha Burton, Jenny Mhine, Angel Sánchez and other volunteers. “Ron Davis is a father who lost his son due to violence. He is one of TEDxFSCJ 2019 Speakers. After speaking at Florida State College at Jacksonville #TEDxFSCJ he… Read More

For millennia, people looked to the stars as a source of awe and inspiration. Today, new ventures between private industry and government agencies like NASA have reignited our sense of wonder, prompting many to ask not only when humans will finally reach Mars, but what careers and businesses are experiencing the greatest growth and how ordinary people and science professionals can get involved. Join TEDxFSCJ as we partner with the Museum of Science… Read More

Online discussion started in three different courses, Management of Information Systems, Strategic Management, and Leadership and Team Dynamics. All three courses had to answer the same questions but add an emphasis on technologies, strategies or leadership initiatives depending on the course. This combine activity can be replicated using TED Ed Lessons and students from different sections or courses. See instructions and a selection of responses below. 1. Watch video and extract potential… Read More

I have created a new TED ED lesson to be used in higher education courses. Our TEDxFSCJ Learning Adventures​ continue using this TED Talk in online discussions in Strategic Management, Information Systems, and Leadership courses. Suburbs and rural areas are atracting a new generation of citizens who enjoy outdoors and the opportunity of exploring nature near their homes. New technologies are being used to provide services to these families. This TED Talk… Read More